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Skoda, Carl

    Feldwebel Carl I

    died : 28.04.1945 (Miroslav1)

    Pz.Reg.102 (?-1945)
    3./503 (4/1945)

    Tank commander Tiger II and yet more or less unknown comrade tank aces Kurt Knispela.

    It is interesting that the Deutsche Dienststelle has Skodu on the cards missing. According to communication from colleagues is still there, interesting that the unit in which he served is the Pz.Reg.102 and place the grave Miroslav with the date 28.04.19452. Even if the Pz.Reg.102 could serve as a refill unit for 3./503 in which I served. Regarding the death date is also hazy. As with Knispela. Most can be run on general - 28./29.4.1945. Generally it is "known" (it is reported, for example, Kurowski, in his book, in the resume Knispela3), that both were knocked out (I fell and Knispel badly injured) on the same day and (more or less) in the same place.

    The question mark is over the way "how" the action took place. Although always it's more about the method of death the better known of the pair Kurt Knispela. One version says that Knispel was killed in a tank Fw.Damage, who died the day before. Version of the second, that of Fw.I died in a fight with T-34 (the explosion carried the ammo) and when you try to "help" was struck by tank Kurt Knispela.

    1 - according to the card DDK
    2 - match space names and the data. I think that it's not about someone with the same name. It would have been too much of a coincidence! (??)
    3 - the Book is on the for disagreement with the statements of witnesses from the 3./503 and the like quite a lot of pranýřovaná!

    Sources :
    Deutsche dienststelle
    Combat History of German Tiger Tank Battalion 503 in World War II

    author archive

    Photo of this the lord has thus far failed to find/identify..
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    Even the latest book about the 503 s. Pz Abt does not state about the death Damage is nothing new. The end of the war is in the publication contained quite extensively, but almost as if on purpose, is the period from 20. April 1945 to 1-5. may 1945 always sesumírováno in a paragraph that is "hard fought"..

    V levo Ofw. Sachs, vpravo Fw. Skoda. Osoba vprostřed je neznámá. Vzadu je Tiger II "331" Zdroj :
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    According to the website Carl was I buried in the village of Suchohrdly u Miroslavi (Socherl).


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