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Obice 305/17 modello 16 su affusto De Stefano

305 mm houfnice mod. 16 na lafetě typu De Stefano

    Obice 305/17 modello 16 su affusto De Stefano
    It was originally an Italian houfnici coastal defense developed for the carriage of the type Garrone. For the PSF, however, was also used with a gun of the type De Stefano. Some Italian materials, this weapon is referred to as moždíř, so can come across these two signs: Obice da 305/17 D. S. or: Mortaio da 305/17 D. With.

    The letters "DS" are the abbreviation for lafetu type De Stefano. It was a universal lafetu suitable for transfer of large shipping and field works in the conditions of the PSF. It is argued that even the gun-carriage De Stefano was divided into three parts in the carriage of weapons on a greater distance, but with my knowledge rather demonstrates the use of two-piece sets. During the war served next to each other both types of lafet: Garrone and De Stefano. Out of the available resources can not determine exactly how much was which.

    The war survived about 23 works and přepokládám that then there has been a single lafetaci weapons with třívozovou set.

    Currently they are known these weapons with a gun of the type De Stefano:
    - 8 inch boat gun: Cannone da 203/45 D. With.
    - 10 inch boat gun: Cannone da 254/40 D. With.
    - 12 inch boat gun: Cannone da 305/40 D. With.
    - 12 inch boat gun: Cannone da 305/46 D. With.
    - 210 mm moždíř d/8: Mortaio da 210/8 D. With.
    - 305 mm moždíř d/8: Mortaio da 305/17 D. With.
    - 305-mm howitzer d/17: Obice da 305/17 D. With.

    Basic data
    - manufacturer: L'Armstrong di Pozzuoli l'arsenale di Napoli, Italia
    - initiate development: 1912
    - production in the years: 1914-1917
    - produced about 30 pieces with a gun Garrone and De Stefano, some of the materials talk about the 44 pieces
    - factory designation: not detected
    - the Italian army designation: Obice da 305/17 modello 16 su affusto De Stefano
    - the Italian army abbreviation: Obice da 305/17 mod. 16 D. S. or: mod. 916 D. With.

    - caliber rated: 305 mm
    - the length of the barrel: 5185 mm (d/17), some sources talking about the ~5640 mm (d/18,5)
    - the length of the bore: 4330 mm (d/14,2)
    - weight mainly including the conclusion: 12790 kg
    - the weight of the hlavňového car: 11832 kg
    - the weight of the lafetového car: 11950 kg
    - the weight of the ložišťového car: 12080 kg
    - weight in firing position: ~22800 kg
    - elevation: +0° to + 65°
    - delivery: 360°
    - muzzle velocity: 412 to 502 m/s
    - the normal rate of fire: 1 morning for 12 minutes
    - rychlopalba: 1 wound for 5 minutes

    Towed vehicle
    - a wheeled tractor: Pavesi-Tolloti tipo B
    - transmission speed: 6 to 8 km/h

    The types of used missiles

    Heavy tříštivo-trhavá missile
    - weight: 442 kg
    - range: 12700 m

    Long tříštivo-trhavá missile
    - weight: 348 kg
    - range: 14600 m

    Light tříštivo-trhavá missile
    - weight: 292,2 kg
    - range: 17600 m

    Armor-piercing bullet
    - weight: 328,6 kg

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    Houfnice v závěsu za traktorem Pavesi typ B.

    Podkladová deska převážená ložišťovým vozem.

    K přepravě na malé vzdálenosti se používal naviják tahače a kladkostroje.

    Druhá možnost přepravy do palebného postavení byla pomocí polní dráhy.

    Houfnice 305/17 D. S. v palebném postavení.
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