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Schneider Canon de 155mm L modéle 1932

    Canon de 155mm L (L/55) Mle1932 Schneider

    The 155 mm field gun/ coastal gun

    Gun Mle 1932 155mm L Schneider was mainly used by the French navy for its great mobility. This was happening umísťovalo on a special base, which needed no special treatment of the substrate. This base allowed the launchers delivery of 360°.
    In the years 1939/1940 was in service only 16 works, which set up the 4 batteries after the 4 cannons.

    - battery n°1 was mobilizovaná in Gabés (Tunisia), then transferred in February 1940 to Sfax (Tunis), then into the Bône 25.06.1940 and finally in August of 1940 to (Algiers) where it was up to 8. November 1942. This battery was never in North Africa they would not fight.

    - battery n°2 (Capitaine de Corvette Hamelin and second lieutenant de Vaisseau Brenot) was first established in Tulonu.

    - battery n°3 (lieutenant de Vaisseau Jabet) was first established in Bizerte (Tunis).

    - battery n°4 was in Senegal .This battery in west Africa was not, in fact, never mobilized. Guns 4x 155mm Mle 1932 Schneider was dislocated near the Yof, close to Dakar. This battery did not belong under the navy, but under army. The operation of the works accounted for the majority of the inhabitants of the colonies.

    Batteries n°2 and n°3 participated in the campaign in France. They were first deployed in Montebourg (France) in August 1939, and during the campaign then have been jointly deployed against Wermachtu.
    Only these two batteries were tractor type vehicles Somua MCG 4. For traction were necessary to 3 vehicles on one weapon. A total of 24 trucks MCG4. Cannon was spread over the three parts of the
    1) the barrel of 8600 kg,
    2) the gun-carriage + kolíbka 8000 kg,
    3) a base with a vehicle of 6000 kg with
    ( always the total weight of vehicle + cargo)

    In may 1940, n°2 sent to Belgium , n°3 was also sent to the Netherlands. Batteries n°2 and n°3 during the campaign have ended their fight during the retreat to the perimeter Dunqerku, where they were very active in defending the retreating troops.
    Two guns of battery n°2 have been destroyed by the near Gravelines 24.may and one gun on the road between Grande - Synthe.
    This weapon was used by the Germans under the designation of 15.5 cm K424(f).

    Caliber: 155mm
    Length of barrel: L/55
    Fighting weight: 16 600 kg
    Elevation : -8° to +45°
    Delivery: 360° with base
    Rate of fire :
    at the elevation of 25° 4-5 blows/min, it 25°) and in elevation above 25° c: 3-4 blows/min
    Mechanical charging of the cannon
    Range : 26000 - 27500 m
    Bullet weight: 50 kg (5,5 kg little of the results)
    V° : 900 m/s

    The archive of the author
    Chamberlain, Peter and Gander, Terry: Heavy Artillery; WW2 Fact Files, MACDONALD and JANES, London, 1974,
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