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SSBN - USS Ethan Allen (SSBN-608)

    Name / Name: USS Ethan Allen
    Type / Type: raketonosná the submarine with nuclear-propelled / assault submarine with nuclear propulsion
    Class / Class: Ethan Allen
    codename /
    SSBN-608 / SSN-608
    Keel based /
    Laid down:
    Run to the water /
    Commissioning services /
    Decommissioning /
    End of service:
    Shipyard / Built by: General Dynamics Electric Boat Division, Groton, CT, U.With.And.
    Commanders /
    Captain Paul Lindsay Lacy, Jr. (Blue crew; 08.08.1961-28.05.1964)
    Commander William Wohlson Behrens, Jr. (Gold crew; 08.08.1961-05.05.1963)

    Commander Ernest R Barrett (Blue crew; 28.05.1964-31.07.1968)
    Commander Carlos Dew, Jr. (Gold crew; 05.05.1963-16.11.1967)

    Commander R. E. Chidley (Blue crew; 31.07.1968-31.05.1971)
    Commander R. L. Hart (Gold crew; 16.11.1967-26.02.1971)

    Lieutenant-Commander And. Anckonie III (Blue crew; 31.05.1971-07.07.1971)

    Commander T. R. Fox (Blue crew; 07.07.1971-1976)
    Commander (D. J. Conley (Gold crew; 26.02.1971-16.03.1974)

    Commander (D. With. Gorham (Gold crew; 16.03.1974-17.01.1977)

    Commander J. C. Vick (Blue crew; 1976-11.01.1979)
    Commander M. With. Braden (Gold crew; 17.01.1977-02.11.1979)

    Commander C. T. Weaver (Blue crew; 11.01.1979-1983)
    Commander And. J. Holifield (Gold crew; 02.11.1979-1983)
    Sunken ships /
    Sunk ships:

    Note / Note: vessel překlasifikováno on the SSN-608 USS Ethan Allen

    Information, as well as the following pictures were (are) taken from the website - ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; further from the books of Jane's warships (ISBN 80-7236-080-9) ; warships Present (ISBN 80-86215-81-4) ; Submarines - War under the waves (ISBN 978-80-206-0914-4) ; Submarines present (ISBN 978-80-87087-00-8) ; Modern submarines (ISBN 80-7180-291-3) ;.
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    the Meaning of the name of the vessel / Name signification : Ethan Allen - a significant figure from the American War of Independence

    Sponsor of the vessel / Sponzored by : Robert H. Hopkins (descendant of Ethan Allen)

    homeport / Homeport : Holy Loch, Scotland, U.To.
    Charleston, SC
    New London, CT
    Rota, Spain
    Groton, CT
    Bremerton, WA
    Pearl Harbor, HI
    Apra Harbor, Guam

    Date / Date : Incident / Event :
    17.07.1958 and ordered the construction of the submarines
    09.01.1965 a submarine, sailing in the periskopové depth, collided with a Norwegian cargo ship Octavian. According to the statement.With. Navy, the damage is negligible, the collision was carried out without casualties and both vessels continued in their intended voyage
    01.09.1980 submarine underwent adjustments on the offensive-bomber nuclear submarine. Missiles UGM-27C Polaris A-3 removed and the silo cast concrete
    redesignated SSN-608 USS Ethan Allen
    02.04.1983 vessel USS Ethan Allen vplulo in shipyards Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington
    removed from the list of boats In.With. Navy
    30.07.1999 in the framework of the programme recycling see a nuclear-powered vessel has been completed the scrapping of submarines
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