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WB - pinka Arka Noego

Arche Noah

    Name / Name: Arche Noah (Arka Noego)
    Type / Type: pinka
    Keel established / Laid down: 1625
    Run to the water / Launched: n/a
    entry into service / commissioned've: 1625
    Decommissioning / End of service: captured by the swedes in January 1632
    Shipyard / Built by: Puck
    the Length of the overall/ Total length: (m) n/a
    Length on waterline/ Length on waterline: 23,7 m (84 feet)
    Width / Beam: 6,8 m (24 feet)
    Draught / Draft: n/a
    Displacement / Displacement: 180 tons (90 lastů)
    Number of masts / Number of masts: probably 2
    Type oplachtění / Type of sails: n/a
    the Area oplachtění / Sail area: n/a
    Speed / Speed: ( kts) n/a
    the Number of gun decks / Number of gun decks: 1
    Armament / Armament : 16 the works of small caliber, 3 periery
    Gear / Equipment: n/a
    Crew / Complement: 35 sailors + 50 soldiers of the marine corps
    (somewhere there is a claimed 70 soldiers of the marine corps)
    Note / Note: warships Sigismund III. Vasy while sailed under the Polish flag,
    but with German names and often nájemnými the crews. In the old
    the sources therefore appear under their original German names
    in the contemporary literature, then rather under the Polish translations of these names.
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    a Brief history of the ship

    A small warship operating in the Polish flotě during the war with Sweden. The commander of the ship was Magnus Wesman, according to the names of the likely domestic captain of the surroundings of the Gdańska. 17.may 1627, together with the galeonami Król Dawid and Wodnik participated in the first encounter with the Swedish fleet, when in the vicinity of the Elu hit on twice more numerous Swedish clusters, leading to the Pilawy. After a brief artillery exchange with both the squadron parted. The fight was re-established about a day later, when the Polish ships attacked by Łeby the Swedish convoy of 24 ships (including the escorts). After a short artillery duel with small losses on both sides managed to Polish ships break away and sail off into the Kołobrzegu. During the fight at the Arce split one gun, the explosion but probably will not cause a lot of damage. After a few days all the ships of the squadron returned to Wisłoujścia, while penetrating through the Swedish blockade of the Gdańsk bay.

    Into battle under the Oliwą (28.November 1627), left Ark as part of the second squadron, the increased success but did not. After the battle, he tried, unsuccessfully, to the prosecution of the leaking of the Swedish ships. Four days later, together with galeonou Latający Jeleń and pinkami Panna Wodna and Żółty Lew sent on a reconnaissance trip on the approaches to the Gdańskému the gulf. During this cruise is pulled down a strong storm, which the Polish squadrons rozprášila. Damaged Arka to Gdańska returned to 11.December.

    During the spring and summer were the Polish ships under the protection of the fort in the Wisłoujściu. The swedes have therefore decided to attack the Polish fleet of the country (in the night from 5. 6. July 1628). Under the cover of darkness to get to the banks of the Wisła lightweight guns with the barrel of a fortified leather cover. During the following night of the battle were sunk ships Żółty Lew and Święty Jerzy. Arc Noego managed to pull away the amount of the upstream of the river.

    In January 1629 gave the Polish king Zigmund III Vasa their ships available to the Catholic league, struggling against Sweden in the framework of the thirty years ' war. The Polish system, therefore, has moved to Wismar, where they got 8.February 1629. Here, together with the other ships of the Catholic league took part in several of the infighting of the Danish and Swedish fleets. In January 1632 occurred to the conquest of Wismar by the Swedish armies, and all the moored boats fell into captivity. Arka Noego was the Swedes seized and incorporated into the Swedish flot under the name of Vita Hunden. The last mention of the ship dates from the year 1636, when the ship was sold into private hands. Further fate of the ship are not known..
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