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CZK - ZB-60

velkorážový kulomet

    Estimated army name : 15 mm machine gun vz. 38
    Factory designation : ZB-60, or ZB 15 mm
    Yugoslavian title : Mitraljez 15 mm M 38
    British title : Machine gun BESA 15 mm Mk. I
    German name : MG M38(t), 15 mm FlaMG 39, or 15 mm FlaMG 490(j)

    Caliber : 15mm
    Stack : 40 rounds of ammunition in a metal charge of the belt
    Length : 2050 mm
    The length of the barrel : 1400 mm
    Weight : 55 kg
    The weight of the carriage : 203 kg (gun třínohou lafetu with wheels for transport)
    Muzzle velocity : 860 - 970 m/s
    Rate of fire : 420 healing/min
    Manufacturer : Československá Zbrojovka Brno (later Waffenfabrik Brünn)
    American velkorážný machine gun set up in Yugoslavia, the weapon has been taken Wehrmachtem (including kořistních of yugoslavia) and for WH i produced as 15 mm FlaMG 38t. WH machine gun used primarily as an anti-aircraft weapon. The license was sold to Great Britain where the weapon was also produced and used as BESA MkII , therefore, similar as the 7,92 mm machine gun of the same origin derived from the ZB37. The british guns were used in the tanks Vickers Mk.IV ..
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    15 mm machine guns and export them
    Československá zbrojovka (during the protectorate, was part of the Herman Gering Werke and later the Waffen Union) produced in the years 1938 to 1943 to export the below mentioned numbers of 15 mm machine guns:

    70 pieces delivered to Iran between the years 1938-1939
    477 pieces delivered to the Jihoslávie between the years 1938-1940
    140 pieces delivered to the Uk in the range of the months of January to April 1939, plus the manufacturing licence
    200 pieces for the Germany - order Kriegsmarine between the years 1940-1941, the information is necessary to verify also in the Bundesarchivu
    250 pieces delivered to Spain in the range of November 1942 - July 1943, the information is necessary to verify also in the Archivo General Militar

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    The elaboration of a literature search made the the person from within the University of defence in Brno (ex VA) and the Military historical institute in Prague. These persons do not wish to be named..
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    I will add photos of the weapons from the museum in Lešany, the weapon is described as a 15 mm ZB-60. in the text he writes :" In 1938, was preparing his introduction to the equipment of the czechoslovak army." Furthermore, it is mentioned and exports to Yugoslavia and Iran, according to the labels is a weapon on the protiletadlovém pedestal..
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    This photo I took in Lešany 2005..
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    I don't know if start a thread for BESA separately, so far I'll put a photo here, the museum Koblenz, my archive.
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    Lešany 2009,
    own photo.
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