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AK - ORP Wilia

    ORP Wilja

    type: transport ship
    class: -

    yard: Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft, Flensburg (Germany)
    establishing hernia: September 1905
    run on water: 1906
    inclusion in PMW: 8.8.1925
    sunk: 8.6.1944 as a breakwater at Arromanches

    length: 104 m
    width: 14,86 m
    draught: 7,62 m
    displacement: 8400 t
    tonnage: 3.570 BRT
    the number of cargo spaces: 4

    boilers: 2x
    drive: 1x trojčinný expansion steam engine (1.350 shp), 1 screw
    speed: 8 knots
    fuel: coal
    range: ?

    2x 75 mm (2xI /open position)
    4x 47 mm (2xI /open position)

    Crew: about 56.
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    Brief history:
    1906: putting it into service as a merchant ship S/S "Ganelon" in vlasnictví German shipowner Dampfschiffe Rheederei 'Horn' AG, Lübeck
    1907: sold as S/S "Hilda Horn" brémskému shipowners Roland Linie AG
    December 1911: another change of the owner, under the name of S/S "Tinos" defends the colors of the hamburg shipping DLL AG
    August 1914: internment in the Greek port of Piraeus
    September 1916: seized by the French, with a new name "Le Bourget" served mainly to the stretcher of the material in the channel La Manche
    1922: purchased by the shipowner C. Schiaffino & Co. from Algiers, renamed S/S "Laurent Schiaffino"
    July 1925: the ship bought by the Polish government for the needs of Marynarki Wojennej
    8.8.1925: included in the state of MW as a transport ship ORP Wilja
    October 1925: the ORP Wilja bringing in Gdańsk the first 1,000 tons of war material, mainly from France
    1926 - 1927: the service on the route Gdansk - Le Havre - Cherbourg - Brest - Gdańsk
    June 1927: the transport of the coffin with the remains of the famous Polish poet J.Słowackého from Cherbourg to Gdańsk
    1928: together with dělovým boat ORP Komendant Piłsudski and school sailboat ORP Iskra participation in exercises in the waters of the Ryské bay
    from the year 1928: the service on the route Gdynia - Le Havre - Cherbourg - Brest - Gdynia
    1929: the school cruise to Norway
    1930 - 1932: the transport of the crews of the new units of the PMW, at the French shipyard
    1932 - 1934: the service in the role of a school ship
    6.3.1933: "gdańský incident", the ORP Wilja entering without a pilot in the port channel and on the Westerplatte planted the banner of the marine corps
    16.3.1933: conflict resolved through diplomatic channels, departure back to Gdynia
    1934 - 1938: numerous cruises to France, where it was transporting parts for a newly built minelayer ORP Gryf
    may 1937 to may 1938: school cruises to Estonia, Sweden and Great Britain
    July 1939: the school cruise to the Mediterranean sea
    30.7.1939: because of the crash of machinery ORP Wilja enshrined in Casablanca
    17.8.1939: to Casablanca runs a school sailing ship ORP Iskra and takes on board trainees maritime school
    13.9.1939: the explosion of a French mine cruiser Pluton in the vicinity Wilji, the ship remained intact, the crew participating in the rescue operations
    September 1939: after the repair of machinery drifted minikonvoj ships ORP Wilja and ORP Iskra to Port Lyautey, where they were anchored and the crew sent to France
    3.7.1940: with the imminent surrender of France, the ship evacuated to Gibraltar
    8.7.1940: ORP Wilja leaving Gibraltar in a convoy headed to Great Britain
    12.7.1940: the crash of boilers, from the originally planned repairs in Vigo dropped to due to a real risk of internment
    17.7.1940: after repairs at sea, and separate cruise the Atlantic comes ORP Wilja to Liverpool
    30.7.1940: renaming on S/S Modlin and inclusion in the "Polskiej Marynarky Handlowej" (the Polish merchant navy)
    1941: general repair
    1942 to 1944: service in the atlantic convoys
    8.6.1944: the ship using a tugboat towed to the Normandy coast and here sunk as part of a breakwater at Arromanches
    1958: pick up the wreck and its scrapping

    August 1925 to ? - captain-lieutenant M. Burchardt
    ? up to 1939 - captain-lieutenant Wojciech Francki.
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    ORP Wilja

    ORP Wilja
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