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Šéfové diplomatických misí [28.10.1918 - 25.2.1948]

    an Overview of the diplomatic representation of Czechoslovakia in abroad and foreign countries in Czechoslovakia in the period from 28.10.1918 to 25.2.1948:

    • from 4.7.1927 chargé daffaires Joseph Miloslav Kadlec (born. 29.4.1889), from 3.12.1930 chargé daffaires Lev Vokáč, from 21.7.1934 chargé daffaires Vlastimil Cermak, from the 1.2.1937 chargé daffaires Frederick Gross, from 18.11.1947 ambassador Josef Korbel (20.9.1909 – 18.7.1977 the US, the lawyer, his daughter Madeleine Allbright, she worked from 1997 to 2001 as U.S. secretary of state)

    • from 7.7.1926 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal (30.5.1880 – 2.1.1958 USA), from 22.11.1929 envoy Eduard Machatý, from 24.7.1935 ambassador František Kadeřábek, from 18.4.1945 ambassador František Kadeřábek, from 8.5.1947 envoy Alexander Kunoši.
    • from 17.7.1924 ambassador Gabriel Martinez – Campos, from 3.6.1925 ambassador Hilarion D. Moreno, from 8.8.1928 ambassador Roberto Levillier, from 20.12.1935 envoy of Edward L. Colombres, from 27.7.1936 chargé daffaires Alberto J. Vignes, from 2.9.1937 chargé daffaires Manuel F. Rubio - Equisquiza, from 16.5.1947 ambassador Raul de Labougle.

    • from 11.6.1919 government delegate Karel Halla (29.3.1876 – 7.9.1939, 1932 – 33 the head of the political section of the FOREIGN ministry, 1933 – 35 the head of the presidium of the MFA), from 21.9.1919 ambassador Karel Mečíř (18.4.1876 – 12.5.1947), from 15.8.1922 envoy Ludvík Strimpl (18.11.1880 – 20.12.1937, painter, 1927 – 37 the chief of protocol of the president of the republic), from 21.10.1927 envoy František Havlíček (nar. 5.4.1886, lawyer, 1918 – 1924 the secretary Vlastimil Tusara, from the 1940s intelligence officer čs. the government in exile), from 23.10.1931 envoy Vladimir Nightingale (28.12.1884 – 23.5.1952), from 1.12.1945 chargé daffaires Joseph Lelek, from 28.8.1946 envoy Dezider Rakšany
    • from 3.6.1919 chargé daffaires Gaston de Ramaix, from 31.12.1919 envoy Michotte de Welle, from 20.8.1920 envoy Pierre J. W. Forthomme, from 6.5.1921 envoy Pierre Bure, from 22.3.1924 envoy George de Raymond, of 24.3.1932 envoy Alain Obert de Thieusies, from 13.12.1940 chargé daffaires Marcel Henri Jaspar, from 22.7.1942 ambassador Marcel Henri Jaspar, from 27.2.1947 ambassador Hubert Cartonde Indonesia

    • from 17.11.1936 ambassador František Kadeřábek, from 13.10.1947 envoy Alexander Kunoši
    • from 13.5.1935 ambassador Ernesto Fricke – Lemoine, from 1.7.1942 chargé daffaires Juan Peňaranda

    • from 29.6.1920 ambassador John Klecanda – Havlasa (22.12.1883 – 13.8.1964 USA, writer and traveler, 1916 – 17 imprisoned), from 28.2.1925 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal, from 12.11.1929 envoy Vojtěch Vaníček, from 14.11.1933 ambassador Joseph Švagrovský (30.12.1878 – 5.6.1943, a lawyer, a Russian legionnaire, 1928 – 33 head of the presidium of the MFA), from 9.12.1942 chargé daffaires Vladimír Nosek, from 4.6.1946 envoy Jan Reisser
    • from 8.11.1921 ambassador Carlos Lemgruber – Kropf, from 28.6.1926 ambassador Mario de Belfort Ramos, from 15.2.1937 ambassador Sebastiano Sampaio, from 7.10.1942 chargé daffaires Joaquim de Sousa – Leao, from 6.6.1946 envoy Decio Martins Coimbra

    • from 4.5.1919 head of the office of the delegate Rudolf Künzl – Jizerský (7.3.1883 – 31.1.1954), from 27.9.1920 chargé daffaires Rudolf Künzl – Jizerský, from 29.7.1922 envoy Bohdan Pavlů (3.3.1883 – 12.5.1938, Russian legionary), from 16.11.1928 envoy Václav Rejholec (9.9.1886 – 22.9.1967, Russian and French legionnaire, 1919 – 20 chief of the military CPR, 1938 chairman of the presidium of the MFA), from 17.3.1931 envoy Prokop Maxa (28.5.1883 – 9.2.1961, Russian legionary), from 27.4.1946 envoy František Kubka
    • from 12.10.1920 chargé daffaires Stefan Balamezoff, from 11.4.1922 chargé daffaires Spas Duparinov, from 23.5.1923 envoy-Rajko Daskalov, from the 5.7.1923 chargé daffaires Dimitre Michalčev, from 6.2.1926 envoy Dimitre Michalčev, from 16.12.1927 envoy Boris Vazov, from 29.9.1932 envoy Pančo Dorev, from 30.4.1935 envoy Dečko Karadžov, from 24.4.1936 envoy Ivan Popov, from 20.2.1937 envoy Peter Nejkov, from 28.4.1938 ambassador Nicolas Balabanov, from 7.2.1946 envoy Stefan Simov

    • from 16.3.1931 envoy Robert Feitscher (a sudeten German after the war, relegated to the federal republic of GERMANY), from 1.9.1937 ambassador John Sheba (26.12.1886 – 25.7.1953, Russian legionary), from 15.4.1942 ambassador Stanislav Minovsky, from 26.10.1944 ambassador Stanislav Minovsky, from 1.1.1947 the interim administrator of the embassy of Josef Lelek, from 19.9.1947 ambassador Josef Lelek
    • from 3.11.1933 chargé daffaires Lone Liang, from 23.10.1936 envoy Lone Liang, from 27.8.1941 chargé daffaires Wunsz King, from 11.10.1944 ambassador Wunsz King, from 8.1.1947 ambassador Lone Liang

    • from 27.5.1920 head of mission Miroslav Plesinger – Božinov (8.6.1883 – 18.1.1963, for the first world war drove the resistance in Switzerland, 1953 – 54 imprisoned), from 24.9.1920 envoy Miroslav Plesinger – Božinov, from 11.2.1927 envoy Bohdan Pavlů, from 20.7.1936 ambassador Čeněk Ibl, from 22.11.1945 ambassador Zdeněk Němeček (19.2.1894 – 7.7.1957 GERMANY, writer, Russian legionary)
    • from 19.5.1921 ambassador Paul Nörgaard, from 21.9.1923 ambassador Nils Johan Wulfsberg Höst, from 5.4.1934 envoy Peter Christian Schou, from 27.5.1938 ambassador Eigil Leth, from 29.1.1946 envoy Peter Oluf de Treschow

    Dominican republic:
    • from 7.10.1943 envoy Vladimir Svetozár Hurban (4.4.1883 – 26.10.1949, Russian legionnaire, 1918, the military adviser Thomas G. Masaryk, 1918 – 23 military attache in the U.S.), from 25.6.1946 envoy Juraj Slávik (28.1.1890 – 30.5.1969 USA)
    • from 8.7.1942 chargé daffaires Ricardo Peres – Alfonseca, from 17.6.1943 ambassador Ricardo Peres – Alfonseca

    • from 12.9.1935 chargé daffaires Joseph Kosek (29.4.1886 – 28.7.1953, Russian legionnaire, 1946 – 47 member of the czechoslovak. the military mission at the Allied control council in Berlin), from 1.6.1937 chargé daffaires Augustin Lafar, from 24.9.1943 envoy Vratislav Trčka (2.1.1890 – 21.11.1971 the US, the lawyer, the French legionnaire), from 25.11.1947 envoy Viktor Jansa
    • from 24.12.1943 chargé daffaires Alberto Puig – Arosemena, from the 12.9.1947 envoy Rodrigo Jacome Moscoso

    • from 14.4.1923 envoy Cyril Dusek (5.1.1881 – 12.1.1924, journalist), from 18.2.1924 chargé daffaires Vladimir Svetozár Hurban, from the 24.9.1930 chargé daffaires Karel Halfar, from 19.12.1932 ambassador Karel Halfar, from 1.1.1934 chargé daffaires Benjamin Szalatnay – Stacho, from 3.5.1944 ambassador Jaroslav Šejnoha (nar. 24.8.1889), from 14.9.1946 chargé daffaires Francis Krucký
    • from 30.3.1925 chargé daffaires Mahmoud Sabet Bey, from 15.6.1927 envoy Seifoullah Yousri Pacha, from 17.5.1929 envoy Hassan Let Pacha, from 1.10.1934 chargé daffaires Abdel Aziz Gahaleb Bey, from 7.11.1936 chargé daffaires Mohamed Suliman Houte Bey, from 12.5.1941 chargé daffaires Hussein Mohamed Said, from 24.6.1946 chargé daffaires Ahmed Hakki, from 22.10.1947 envoy Ahmed Hakki

    • from 15.6.1944 ambassador Jaroslav Šejnoha, from 15.11.1947 ambassador Francis Krucký

    • from 18.10.1927 envoy Václav Girsa (28.11.1875 – 23.6.1954, Russian legionnaire, 1921 – 27 deputy minister of foreign affairs), from 1.7.1934 chargé daffaires Karel Dvořáček, from 30.6.1947 ambassador Joseph Pavlovsky
    • from 27.10.1927 ambassador Karl Gustav Idman, from 1.1.1936 chargé daffaires Armas Yöntilä, from 1.5.1938 chargé daffaires Ensio Hiitonen, from 12.9.1947 envoy Eduard Hjalmar Palin

    • from 19.10.1918 chargé daffaires Lev Sychrava (16.12.1887 – 4.1.1958, journalist, organizer of the Italian legions, 1924 – 39 editor of National liberation, after February 1948 he went to England, in 1956, he returned to his homeland), from the 1.4.1919 chargé daffaires Miloš Kobr (nar. 7.6.1876), from 19.5.1920 chargé daffaires Vratislav Trčka, from 6.1.1921 ambassador Štefan Osuský (31.3.1889 – 14.2.1974 USA), from 2.11.1943 ambassador František Černý, from 18.11.1944 ambassador Henry Nosek, from 4.5.1946 ambassador Henry Nosek
    • from 12.12.1918 envoy Frederic Clément Simon, from 25.6.1920 ambassador Fernand Couget, from 13.1.1927 envoy Francois J. Charles – Roux, from 26.6.1932 ambassador Léon Nöel, from the 5.6.1935 ambassador Paul-Emile Naggiar, from 26.3.1936 ambassador Leopold Victor de Lacroix, from 18.12.1940 diplomatic representative of the Georges Monod, from 4.11.1943 ambassador Maurice Dejean, from 4.12.1945 ambassador Maurice Dejean

    • from 27.2.1927 chargé daffaires Vladimír Smetana (7.6.1886 – 28.3.1946), from 19.2.1930 chargé daffaires John Brooch, from 21.4.1936 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal
    • from 4.12.1943 chargé daffaires Ismael Gonzales Arevalo

    • from 13.10.1943 ambassador Vladimir Hurban

    • from 12.3.1930 chargé daffaires John Brooch, from 6.5.1936 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal, from 1945 envoy Václav Hyka, from 1946 envoy Václav Love

    • from 10.11.1931 chargé daffaires of st. Giles Lad, from 1.3.1934 chargé daffaires Jaroslav Netoušek, from 23.6.1938 ambassador Vladimir Smetana, from 17.4.1942 ambassador František Kadeřábek, from 2.9.1943 ambassador John Klecanda – Havlasa
    • from 28.8.1925 ambassador César Léon, from 16.8.1927 chargé daffaires Arturo Cabrera – Grez, from 19.4.1934 the minister – a resident of Martin Figueroa, from 10.5.1935 ambassador Martin Figueroa, from 27.8.1937 chargé daffaires Gonzalo Montt, from 31.3.1943 chargé daffaires Don Antonio Subercaseaux, from 27.3.1946 ambassador Martin Figueroa, from 1947 ambassador Luis Feline Hurtado

    • from 14.2.1948 ambassador Jaroslav Šejnoha

    • from 30.11.1933 chargé daffaires Vratislav Trčka, from 28.5.1934 chargé daffaires Vladimir Fric, from 11.4.1944 ambassador Josef M. Kadlec, from 11.12.1946 envoy Miroslav Kundrát

    • from 21.4.1930 chargé daffaires Miroslav Schubert, from 30.11.1933 chargé daffaires Vratislav Trčka, from 5.3.1934 chargé daffaires Vladimir Fric, from 27.5.1942 chargé daffaires Francis Bachtík, from 14.4.1943 ambassador Josef M. Kadlec, from 17.7.1946 envoy Miroslav Kundrát
    • from 21.8.1925 envoy M. With. Abul – Gjassem Khan Entézam – ol – Molk, from 26.8.1930 envoy Fatoullah Khan Pakrévan, from 18.5.1932 chargé daffaires Ali Motamédy, from 26.1.1938 ambassador Mohamed Ali Mogaddam, from 29.8.1938 chargé daffaires Mostafa Samidy, from 5.12.1946 envoy Taghi Nabavy

    • from 29.1.1947 chargé daffaires Karel Košťál, from 22.5.1947 ambassador Karel Košťál, from 5.7.1947 ambassador Pavel Růžička

    • from 12.6.1936 ambassador Čeněk Ibl, from 15.8.1947 envoy Emil Walter
    • from 6.9.1946 ambassador Petur Benediktsson

    • from 16.10.1918 diplomatic representative of the Lev Borský (nar. 2.9.1883 – 1944 Auschwitz, journalist), from 5.11.1918 chargé daffaires Lev Borský, from 25.1.1920 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal, from 5.6.1925 envoy Vojtěch Greasy (18.3.1874 – 25.11.1954, a lawyer, during the war, the president of the management board of Zbrojovka Brno, connected to the POOH, 12.5.1945 – 15.1.1947 unlawfully held in custody on suspicion of collaboration), from 25.5.1932 ambassador Francis Chvalkovský (30.7.1885 – 25.2.1945, a lawyer, aide to Anthony Švehly, 1920 – 21 the chief of the political section of the MFA), from 10.1.1939 envoy Vlastimil Cermak, from the 11.4.1945 envoy Vladimir Vanek (27.5.1895 – 6.10.1965 Italy, the writer, a Russian legionnaire, 1946 – 48 the head of the department of the FOREIGN ministry), from 28.1.1946 envoy Jan Paulíny – Tóth
    • from 10.6.1919 chargé daffaires Mario Lago, from 23.2.1920 ambassador Antonio Chiaromonte Bordonaro, from 28.3.1924 envoy Bonifacio Pignatti – Morano di Custozza, from 20.7.1926 ambassador Gabriele Preziosi, from the 28.4.1928 ambassador Luigi Vannutelli Rey, from 2.1.1930 envoy Grazio Pedrazzi, from the 15.10.1932 ambassador Guido Rocco, from 3.10.1935 envoy Domenico de Facendis, from 1.9.1938 ambassador Francesco Fransoni, from 6.7.1945 chargé daffaires Gaston Guidotti, from 16.5.1946 ambassador Alfonso de Tacoli

    • from 14.4.1920 ambassador Karel Pergler (6.3.1882 – 1954 US), from 1.9.1921 ambassador Francis Chvalkovský, from 21.7.1923 ambassador Joseph Švagrovský, from 20.10.1928 envoy of Charles Hall, from 6.5.1932 envoy František Havlíček
    • from 29.11.1921 envoy Harukazu Nagaoka, from 28.1.1925 envoy Yoshiro Kikuchi, from 30.5.1928 ambassador Eiichi Kimura, from 18.6.1931 ambassador Masaaki Hotta, from 23.3.1937 envoy Keinosuke Fujii

    • from 11.6.1919 envoy Antonin Kalina (15.6.1870 – 17.12.1922, chairman of the progressive party), from 17.4.1923 ambassador John Sheba, from 16.6.1930 ambassador Robert Flieder (28.5.1883 – 16.8.1957), from 9.6.1931 ambassador Paul Wellner (9.7.1878 – 25.9.1959, attorney, 1936 – 37 the deputy minister of foreign affairs), from 3.6.1933 envoy Václav Girsa, from 12.7.1938 ambassador Jaroslav Lipa (22.8.1886 – 9.8.1966, the economist, the Italian legionary), from 11.10.1945 ambassador Josef Korbel, from 7.5.1946 ambassador Josef Korbel
    • from 31.1.1919 envoy to Ivan Hribar, from 25.7.1920 chargé daffaires Svetislav Djorič, from 4.10.1921 envoy Bogumil Vošnjak, from 8.11.1923 envoy Ljubov Nesič, from 27.10.1926 ambassador Branko Lazarevič, from 23.3.1929 envoy Budislav G. Angjelinovič, from 14.6.1930 envoy Petar Pešič, from 1931 envoy Albert Kramer, from 19.11.1931 envoy Prvislav Grizogono, from 23.10.1935 envoy Vasily Protič, from 27.10.1941 envoy Vječeslav Vilder, from 9.7.1945 envoy Darko Black, from 7.5.1946 ambassador Darko Black

    • from 24.3.1942 chargé daffaires František Pavlásek, from 14.8.1942 envoy František Pavlásek, from 11.3.1947 envoy František Němec
    • from 13.4.1943 envoy Georges P. Vanier, from 30.12.1943 chargé daffaires Pierre Dupuy, from 6.9.1944 chargé daffaires Thomas Stone, from 24.3.1947 chargé daffaires Ronald M. Macdonnell

    • from 13.6.1935 chargé daffaires Joseph Kosek, from 6.5.1943 envoy Vratislav Trčka, from 11.7.1947 envoy Viktor Jansa
    • from 1.4.1947 envoy Pedro Juan Navarro, from 16.1.1948 envoy Abel Casabianca

    Costa rica:
    • from 29.10.1935 ambassador Joseph Kosek, from 22.2.1938 ambassador Jaroslav Novak

    • from 31.1.1927 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger (11.7.1891 – 2.5.1976), from 5.3.1929 ambassador Ferdinand Veverka (29.1.1887 – 1981 USA, a lawyer and journalist), from 21.3.1937 ambassador Vladimir Hurban, from the 28.9.1942 chargé daffaires Eduard Kühnl, from 22.4.1947 envoy Juraj Slávik
    • from 2.6.1927 envoy Manuel de Leóny y Valdés, from 27.10.1928 envoy Eduard Usabiaga, from 17.9.1942 ambassador Guillermo de Blanck

    • from 19.2.1947 ambassador Francis Bachtík, from 1.10.1947 the administrator of the office of Karel Staněk

    • from 30.1.1923 envoy Ludvík Strimpl, from 19.12.1927 envoy František Havlíček, from 21.12.1931 envoy Vladimir Nightingale
    • from 9.4.1942 chargé daffaires Du Schommer

    • from 31.10.1918 head of the office of plnomocníka CZECHOSLOVAKIA Emil Barn, from 20.11.1918 head of the office of plnomocníka CZECHOSLOVAKIA Milan Hodža, from 9.12.1919 head of the office of the delegate of CZECHOSLOVAKIA Václav Lejhanec, from 1.10.1921 head of the office of the delegate of CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Karel Feistmantl, from 7.6.1922 ambassador Hugo Vavrečka (22.2.1880 – 9.8.1952, writer, Italian legionnaire, 1932 – 38 of the general director of concern Baťa of Zlín, in the war connected with POOH, after February 1948 and briefly imprisoned), from 2.3.1927 ambassador Vaclav Pallier (27.7.1880 – 8.4.1947), from 20.4.1933 ambassador Milos Kobr, from 1.11.1938 envoy Vlastimil Cermak, from 25.1.1946 head of the office of the delegate of CZECHOSLOVAKIA František Dastich, from 9.12.1947 ambassador František Černý
    • from 22.8.1920 head of the office of the delegate Ladislav Strokes, from 30.3.1921 chargé daffaires Pierre Matuska, from 15.2.1923 envoy Frederic Villányi, from 25.6.1925 ambassador Constantin de Masirevich, from 27.6.1933 envoy Jean Wettstein de Westersheim, from 18.6.1947 the head of the office of the trustee Lehel Farkas, from 15.9.1947 chargé daffaires Lehel Farkas, from 23.12.1947 envoy Elek Bolgár.

    • from 30.12.1927 chargé daffaires John Brooch, from 22.4.1932 minister – resident John Brook, from the 20.3.1933 the minister – resident of the Francis Květoň, from 20.8.1935 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal, from 28.2.1939 chargé daffaires Anthony Polacek, from 26.3.1942 chargé daffaires Charles Vendl, from 28.12.1944 envoy Václav Hyka, from 25.4.1946 envoy Václav Love
    • from 13.12.1922 chargé daffaires Enrico Santibaňez, from 7.11.1927 chargé daffaires Leopoldo Blasques, from 5.4.1934 envoy Leopoldo Blasques, from 4.3.1935 envoy Pedro Cerisola, from 14.5.1937 envoy Augustine Leňero, from 26.3.1942 chargé daffaires Gustavo Luders de Negri, from 8.9.1943 chargé daffaires Manuel Maples Arce, from 4.11.1944 chargé daffaires Gustavo Luders de Negri, from 16.5.1946 ambassador Manuel Y. de Negri

    • from 7.5.1919 the head of the office of the diplomatic representative of the CZECHOSLOVAK republic Eduard Körner (6.8.1863 – 29.3.1933, attorney, 1908 – 19th president of the bar association, 1916 advocate And. Rašína, To. Shop-keeper and In. Červinka compiled in the process of treason, 1920 – 33 the president of the Supreme court and the audit office in Prague, Czech republic), from 24.3.1920 chargé daffaires Eduard Körner, from 5.5.1920 minister – resident Miloš Kobr, from 2.3.1921 envoy Vlastimil Tusar (18.10.1880 – 22.3.1924), from 28.3.1925 envoy Kamil Krofta (17.7.1876 – 16.8.1945, the historian, during the war member of the resistance group PRNV, January 1944 – may 1945 imprisoned at Pankrác prison in prague and in Terezin), from 25.3.1927 ambassador Francis Chvalkovský, from 10.9.1932 envoy Vojtěch Greasy
    • from 1.4.1919 the head of the office of the agent, Samuel Sänger, from 4.1.1920 chargé daffaires Samuel Sänger, from 29.10.1921 envoy Walter Koch, from 5.2.1936 envoy Ernst Eisenlohr, from October 1938 fun board Andor Hencke.

    • from 20.3.1930 chargé daffaires John Brooch, from 13.5.1936 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal, from 1945 envoy Václav Hyka
    • from 21.12.1931 chargé daffaires Alejandro And. Roche, from 26.2.1937 envoy Alvaro Ramirez Gonzales

    The netherlands:
    • from 15.7.1919 head of the office of the delegate Miroslav Plesinger – Božinov, from 13.11.1919 chargé daffaires Miroslav Plesinger – Božinov, from 25.3.1920 envoy Prokop Maxa, from 13.5.1921 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger, from 15.9.1925 envoy Pavel House (1.2.1885 – 30.8.1969, 1921 - 25 the head of the cipher department of the MFA), from 11.10.1928 envoy Miroslav Plesinger – Božinov, from 7.4.1934 ambassador Ivan Krno (26.9.1891 – 15.10.1968 France, lawyer, 1928 – 34 head of cabinet of the secretary-general of the league of nations J. Avenola, 1945 – 46 chief legal section and the representative of the secretary-general of the UN), from 18.6.1938 envoy Artur Pacák (26.3.1885 – 27.6.1959, lawyer, 1933 – 38 the head of the personnel department of the MFA), from 25.3.1941 chargé daffaires Karel Erban (9.5.1896 – 15.11.1969 USA, 1947 - 48 the head of the intelligence department of the FOREIGN ministry), from 8.12.1944 ambassador Karel Erban, from 5.1.1948 envoy Sergei Ingr
    • from 12.3.1920 envoy E. F. M. J. Michiels van Verduynen, from 11.1.1924 ambassador Hendrik Muller van Werendycke, from 7.3.1932 envoy H. M. van Haersma de With, from 1.2.1934 envoy G. M. W. M. Huyssen van Kattendijke, from 20.7.1937 envoy Lambert Carsten, from 25.3.1941 chargé daffaires M. In. van Weede, from 10.3.1943 envoy H. M. van Haersma de With, from 19.12.1944 envoy Petrus Ephrem Teppem, from 10.1.1946 ambassador Allard Merens

    • from 26.1.1921 ambassador Vladimir Radimský (29.2.1880 – 1.11.1977), from 26.3.1927 ambassador Robert Flieder, from 6.10.1930 ambassador Vladimir Hurban, from the 7.4.1937 ambassador Vladimir Kucera (16.3.1891 – 17.4.1961, lawyer, 1919 – 37 secretary Thomas G. Masaryk), from 7.10.1940 chargé daffaires Ladislav Szathmáry (10.9.1895 – 4.12.1946), from 9.6.1941 envoy Ladislav Szathmáry, from 16.12.1946 envoy Emil Walter
    • from 15.6.1926 chargé daffaires Nils Christian Ditleff, from 13.11.1930 ambassador Nils Christian Ditleff, from 12.10.1940 chargé daffaires Ingvald Smith – Kielland, from the 1.8.1941 chargé daffaires Olaf And. Tostrup, from 23.5.1944 envoy Ingvald Smith – Kielland

    • from 10.10.1935 chargé daffaires Joseph Kosek, from 8.2.1938 ambassador Jaroslav Novak
    • from 31.7.1944 chargé daffaires Demetrio And. Porras

    • from 6.4.1937 ambassador František Kadeřábek

    • from 8.6.1936 chargé daffaires Jaroslav Netoušek, from 6.4.1937 ambassador František Kadeřábek, from 2.7.1937 chargé daffaires Augustin Lafar, from 9.10.1942 chargé daffaires Vladimir Polodna, from 3.11.1943 ambassador Vladimir Smetana, from 23.5.1946 envoy Václav Kresta, from 21.10.1947 chargé daffaires Edvard Kühnl
    • from 11.7.1922 chargé daffaires Glicero Camino, 1930 – 36 vacant, 1937 ambassador Fernando Tola, from 28.12.1937 chargé daffaires Jose Gambetta, 1938 ambassador Emilio del Solar, from 2.4.1943 chargé daffaires Edwin Letts, from 1.11.1944 ambassador Edwin Letts, from 5.4.1946 ambassador Gonzalo Ulloa

    • from 20.7.1919 the head of the office of the government delegate Vladimir Radimský, from 23.3.1920 chargé daffaires Vladimir Radimský, from 8.10.1920 chargé daffaires Jaroslav Novák, from 14.5.1921 envoy Prokop Maxa, from 9.9.1924 ambassador Robert Flieder, from 21.3.1927 envoy Václav Girsa, from 28.2.1936 envoy Juraj Slávik, from 26.6.1941 envoy Jan Skalický (29.4.1890 – 9.9.1967, a French legionnaire, 1923 – 29 the head of the cabinet of the foreign minister, 1944 – 49 the chief of protocol of the MFA), from 18.5.1945 ambassador Joseph Hejret, from 12.4.1947 ambassador Joseph Hejret
    • from 12.7.1919 head of the office of the delegate Alfred Wysocki, from 28.10.1920 chargé daffaires Leszek Malczewski, from 18.11.1921 envoy Erazim Piltz, from 8.8.1922 chargé daffaires Charles Bader, from 22.12.1924 envoy Zikmunt Lasocki, from 27.10.1927 ambassador Waclav Grzybowski, from 23.1.1937 envoy Kazimierz Papeé, from 27.11.1940 chargé daffaires Alexander Zawisz, from 17.6.1941 envoy Józef Morawski, from 27.10.1941 ambassador Adam Tarnowski, from 22.6.1945 envoy Stefan Wierblowski, from 1.4.1947 ambassador Stefan Wierblowski

    • from 3.7.1922 ambassador Milos Kobr, from 1.12.1925 chargé daffaires Adolf Berka, from 21.12.1927 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal, from 4.4.1936 ambassador Robert Flieder
    • from 8.7.1926 chargé daffaires Henrique da Guerra Quaresma Viaňa, from 10.6.1927 ambassador Alberto da Veiga Simoes, from 23.5.1934 ambassador José da Costa Carneiro

    • from 28.10.1918 plnomocník CZECHOSLOVAKIA Vlastimil Tusar, from 20.1.1920 chargé daffaires Robert Flieder, from 18.11.1921 chargé daffaires Hanuš Peterka, from 13.1.1922 envoy Kamil Krofta, from 10.3.1925 chargé daffaires Arthur Pacák, from 15.5.1926 ambassador Hugo Vavrečka, from 30.9.1932 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger, from 18.9.1936 ambassador Ferdinand Veverka, from 3.2.1938 ambassador Rudolf Künzl – Jizerský, from 1.10.1945 agent čs. minister František Bořek – Dohalský from 18.3.1947 envoy František Bořek – Dohalský
    • from 30.12.1918 the agent of the austrian government, Ferdinand Marek, from 20.1.1920 chargé daffaires Ferdinand Marek, from 11.4.1922 envoy of Ferdinand Marek, from October 1945, the representative of the austrian minister, Alois Vollgruber, from 20.3.1947 ambassador Adrian Rotter

    • from 12.11.1918 head of the special military mission, captain. Emil Švec, from 16.1.1919 head of the office of the plenipotentiary of the CZECHOSLOVAK republic mjr. Miloš Čermák, from 30.1.1920 ambassador Bohumil Cermak (17.2.1870 – 27.2.1921, 1917 vice-president ČSNR on Russia, 1918 – 19 imprisoned by the bolsheviks), from 6.2.1921 ambassador Ferdinand Veverka, from 6.11.1924 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger, from 12.3.1926 ambassador Rudolf Künzl – Jizerský, from 1.10.1932 ambassador John Sheba, from 7.7.1937 ambassador Ferdinand Veverka, from 3.4.1946 ambassador Jaroslav Kraus, from 8.10.1947 ambassador Jaroslav Kraus
    • from 8.2.1919 head of the special diplomatic mission of the Jules Isopescul – Grecul, from 5.9.1920 ambassador Constantin Hiott, from 27.10.1925 envoy Nicolas Filodor, from 14.3.1928 envoy Théodor Emandi, from 12.1.1937 envoy Georges P. With. Aurelianu, from 24.5.1938 envoy of the Council Crutzescu, from 4.4.1946 envoy Horia Grigorescu, from the 13.2.1948 envoy Tiberiu Ionescu

    • from 8.4.1922 ambassador Karel Mečíř, from 1.7.1924 ambassador Paul Wellner, from 31.10.1928 envoy Pavel House, from 5.12.1935 ambassador Vaclav Pallier, from 19.8.1942 envoy Pavel House – Jacquier, from 5.1.1944 ambassador Jaroslav Šejnoha
    • from 25.5.1920 ambassador Charalambos Simopoulos, from 11.10.1921 envoy Jean Alexandropoulos, from 9.11.1925 ambassador Constantin Psaroudas, from 4.3.1931 envoy Nicolas Xidakis, from 24.10.1934 envoy Jean Coutzalexis, from 5.2.1943 envoy Dimitri Capsalis, from 2.9.1946 chargé daffaires André J. Pappas

    • from 4.3.1930 chargé daffaires John Brooch, from 29.4.1936 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal, from 1945 envoy Václav Hyka

    The soviet union:
    • from 19.9.1923 the chief prosecutor's office of the CZECHOSLOVAK republic, Josef Girsa, from 13.7.1933 the chief prosecutor's office of CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Vladimír Smetana, from 8.8.1934 envoy Bohdan Pavlů, from 7.10.1937 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger, 1939 – 41 vacant, from 20.8.1941 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger, from 19.12.1942 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger, from 23.10.1945 ambassador Jiří Horák
    • from 9.10.1922 the chief prosecutor's office of the RSFSR Pavel Mostovenko, from 9.3.1923 the chief prosecutor's office of RSFSR Konstantin Konstantinovich Jurjeněv, from 19.9.1923 the chief prosecutor's office of the USSR Konstantin To. Jurjeněv, from 15.7.1924 the chief prosecutor's office of the USSR Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov Ovseenko, from 16.3.1929 the chief prosecutor's office of the USSR Alexander Jakovlevič Arosev, from 18.7.1934 envoy Sergei Sergeyevich alexandrovsky plant, from 18.9.1941 envoy Alexander Jefremovič Bogomolov, from 29.1.1943 ambassador Alexander Jefremovič Bogomolov, from 18.1.1944 ambassador Viktor Zacharovič Lebedev, from 5.4.1945 ambassador [Alexandrovich Zorin

    The united states of america:
    • from 13.12.1918 commissioner Čs. The national council of Karel Pergler, from 19.4.1919 commissioner of the CZECHOSLOVAK republic Karel Pergler, from 5.12.1919 chargé daffaires Jan Masaryk (14.9.1886 – 10.3.1948), from 12.10.1920 chargé daffaires Charles Hall, from 5.1.1921 ambassador Bedřich Štěpánek (5.2.1884 – 1943 the USA, a lawyer, during the war member of the Maffie, after the establishment of the republic he drove up to the arrival E. Benes from abroad MOFA), from 15.6.1923 ambassador Francis Chvalkovský, from 12.10.1925 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger, from 20.11.1928 ambassador Ferdinand Veverka, from 30.12.1936 ambassador Vladimir Hurban, from the 25.6.1943 ambassador Vladimir Hurban, from the 12.6.1946 ambassador Juraj Slávik
    • from 11.6.1919 envoy Richard Crane, from the 20.12.1921 envoy Lewis Einstein, from 2.5.1930 envoy Abraham E. Ratshesky, from 7.9.1933 ambassador Francis White, from the 25.10.1934 envoy J. Butler Wright, from 16.9.1937 envoy Wilbur John Carr, from the 24.10.1941 envoy Anthony J. Drexel – Biddle, from the 12.7.1943 ambassador Anthony J. Drexel – Biddle, from the 20.7.1943 ambassador Laurence And. Steihardt

    • from 13.2.1947 ambassador Francis Bachtík

    • from 25.5.1921 ambassador Milos Kobr, from 1.12.1925 chargé daffaires Adolf Berka, from 29.11.1927 envoy of the Vlastimil Kybal, from 16.7.1935 ambassador Robert Flieder, from 1.2.1938 chargé daffaires, Zdeněk Němeček, from 1.6.1938 general agent Michal Hanák, from 17.2.1939 chargé daffaires Michal Hanák
    • from 30.7.1920 envoy Pedro Sebastiano de Erice, from 21.8.1925 ambassador Daniela Carballo y Prat Comte de Praddere, from 20.7.1926 ambassador Santiago Méndéz de Vigo, from 9.6.1927 ambassador Joaquin de Ezpeleta, from 31.7.1930 envoy Buanaventura Caro y Arrogo, from 3.3.1932 ambassador Francisco Agramontey Cortijo, from 25.6.1935 ambassador Luis Garcia Guijarro, of 15.4.1937 ambassador Luis Jiménez de Asúa, from 2.6.1938 general agent Sanz y Tovar, from 28.11.1946 ambassador Manuel G. de Miranda

    • from 20.11.1920 ambassador Vladimir Radimský, from 2.3.1927 ambassador Robert Flieder, from 20.9.1930 ambassador Vladimir Hurban, from the 22.3.1937 ambassador Vladimír Kučera, from the 19.10.1945 envoy Eduard Taborsky
    • from 5.5.1921 envoy To. H. Gerhard Löwen, from 1.10.1932 chargé daffaires Joan Carlsson de Lagerberg, from 2.7.1935 ambassador Joan Carlsson de Lagerberg, from 26.1.1938 envoy Folke Malmar, from 31.7.1945 ambassador Torsten L. Hammarström, from 12.9.1947 envoy Otto Wilhelm Winther

    • from 15.5.1919 delegate of the ministry of foreign affairs of the CZECHOSLOVAK republic Pavel House – Jacquier, from 1.9.1919 chargé daffaires Paul House – Jacquier, from 31.3.1920 envoy Cyril Dusek, from 16.12.1921 ambassador Robert Flieder, from 16.11.1924 ambassador Ferdinand Veverka, from 8.11.1928 ambassador Zdenek Fierlinger, from 16.9.1932 ambassador Rudolf Künzl – Jizerský, from 9.4.1938 envoy Bohdan Štrér (8.11.1881 – 21.10.1973, lawyer, Russian legionary), from 24.4.1945 ambassador Jaromír Kopecký, from 16.7.1946 envoy Jindřich Andrial
    • from 26.10.1927 ambassador Hans Segesser – Bruegg, from 20.12.1935 the minister – a resident of Charles Bruggmann, from 19.12.1936 envoy Charles Bruggmann, from 7.8.1945 envoy Léon Alexandre Girardet, from 7.8.1947 envoy Reinhard And. Khol

    • from 16.5.1919 head of the office of the delegate of CZECHOSLOVAKIA Vladimir Fric, from 4.7.1919 head of the office of the delegate of CZECHOSLOVAKIA Peter Klemens, from the 2.10.1920 head of the office of the delegate of CZECHOSLOVAKIA Rudolf Svetlik, from 18.1.1926 ambassador Milos Kobr, from 20.6.1935 envoy of Charles Hall, from 30.3.1938 envoy Robert Feitscher, from 3.11.1944 envoy of Michal Hanák, from 26.10.1945 envoy Jindřich Kolowrat – Krakow
    • from 20.8.1925 envoy H. Vassif Bey, from 30.1.1928 chargé daffaires A. Djevad Bey, from 30.6.1929 chargé daffaires Mehmet Cevat Bey, from 27.1.1931 chargé daffaires Osman Djelal Bey, from 24.12.1931 chargé daffaires Chefkaty Noury Bey, from 14.9.1933 chargé daffaires Hasan Vasfi Bey, from 4.3.1936 envoy Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoglu, from 2.5.1946 ambassador Faik Hozar

    • from 19.1.1931 envoy Eduard Machatý, from 24.9.1935 ambassador František Kadeřábek, 1939 – 42 vacant, from 20.4.1942 ambassador František Kadeřábek, from 10.1.1947 envoy Miroslav Rašín (17.3.1904 – December 1964 Brazil, a lawyer, son of Alois Rašína)
    • from 27.6.1921 vyslanecký secretary Teofilo Pineyro Cahin, from 18.8.1921 ambassador Luis Carabelli, from 18.3.1932 envoy Eliseo Ricardo Gomez, from 6.8.1942 chargé daffaires Arturo Prats

    The vatican:
    • from 22.3.1920 envoy Kamil Krofta, from 3.5.1922 ambassador Vaclav Pallier, from 9.6.1928 ambassador Vladimir Radimský, from 31.1.1946 chargé daffaires František Schwarzenberg, from 13.8.1946 ambassador Arthur Maixner
    • from 9.9.1920 the papal nuncio Clémente Micara, from 20.9.1923 the papal nuncio, F. Marmaggi, from 11.5.1928 the papal nuncio Petro Ciriaci, from 23.10.1933 chargé daffaires Jean Panico, from 23.8.1934 chargé daffaires Louis de Punzolo, from September 1945, the chargé daffaires Raphael Forni, from 18.6.1946 papal internuncius Xavier Ritter

    United Kingdom:
    • from 20.11.1918 chargé daffaires Štefan Osuský, from 12.7.1919 ambassador Štefan Osuský, from 6.11.1920 envoy Vojtěch Greasy, from 23.7.1925 ambassador Jan Masaryk, from 24.10.1941 ambassador Max Lobkowicz (26.12.1888 – 1.4.1967 the US, the nobleman, the owner of the Lobkowicz palace at Hradcany square in Prague, Czech republic), from 18.6.1942 ambassador Max Lobkowicz, from 23.4.1947 ambassador Bohuslav Kratochvíl
    • from 13.1.1919 the head of an extraordinary mission Cecil Gosling, from 25.2.1920 envoy sir George L. Clerk, from 3.6.1927 envoy J. W. Ronald Macleay, from 2.5.1930 envoy sir Joseph Addison, from the 14.10.1936 envoy Charles Henry Bentinck, from 11.3.1937 envoy Basil Cochran – Newton, from 23.8.1940 diplomatic representative of the R. H. Bruce Lockhart, from 27.10.1941 envoy Philip B. B. Nichols, from 1.7.1942 ambassador Philip B. B. Nichols, from 24.1.1948 ambassador of Pierson John Dixon

    • from 16.3.1935 chargé daffaires Joseph Kosek, from 19.6.1937 ambassador Jaroslav Novak, from 29.6.1943 envoy Vratislav Trčka, from 6.6.1947 envoy Vladimir Khek
    • from 22.5.1930 ambassador José Abel Montilla, from 19.12.1934 ambassador Carlos Aristimuno Colla, from 13.7.1936 chargé daffaires Mariano Picon – Salas, from 1.9.1936 envoy Silvestre Tovar – Lange, from 3.4.1937 chargé daffaires In. Alamo Ibarra, from 1937 ambassador Gustavo Herrera, from 12.12.1944 ambassador José Rafael Pocaterra, from 22.10.1947 ambassador Manuel Dagnino

    the Czechoslovak permanent mission:

    The league of nations:
    • from 30.3.1922 permanent delegate Robert Flieder, from 16.11.1924 permanent delegate Ferdinand Veverka, from 31.10.1928 permanent delegate to Zdenek Fierlinger, from 17.9.1932 permanent delegate Rudolf Künzl – Jizerský, from 9.4.1938 permanent delegate Bohdan Štrér, from 17.11.1942 permanent delegate Jaromír Kopecký (11.5.1899 – 6.5.1977, a journalist, in 1949, attempted to escape into exile, but was caught and used as the main witness at the trial of Milada Horáková, in prison to become an agent of the Stb, in 1954, sentenced to 16.5 years in prison, released 1960)

    United nations:
    • from 1.10.1945 deputy delegate Ladislav Radimský, from 1.11.1945 ambassador Ivan Krno, from 11.5.1946 provisionally entrusted with the management of Ladislav Radimský, from 1.8.1946 envoy Jan papa can manage, from 18.9.1947 ambassador Jan papa can manage

    The allied control council in Germany:
    from 17.1.1946 head of mission of the Václav Paleček, from 21.4.1947 the head of mission Francis Dastich.
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    Good !!! I really like it !

    It's good (and I appreciate it) a consistent resolution of the charge d'affaires / ambassador / ambassador. In fact, sometimes make mistakes. In the memoirs of L.To. Feierabenda I read that the CZECHOSLOVAK republic should have had in the time between the two world wars only two velenvoy. Both should be appointed by the lump sum for participation at some important events abroad. Specifically Feierabend writes that he was one of them, when he rode on some action to the Vatican - I'll try to borrow his memory again and traced it, then it'll fill in)..
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    If you mean a diplomatic representative of the protectorate, then as far as I know was our only ambassador Francis Chvalkovský in Germany. In terms of Feierabenda, that the Vatican went before the German occupation I guess 10.3.1939 as the representative of the czechoslovak government on the inauguration of the new pope Pius XII..
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    ad 1) Ne jde mi čistě jen o období první a druhé republiky Smile

    ad 2) ano o to inauguraci mi šlo - on v pamětech píše, že na tu inauguraci jel jako velvyslanec (tedy byla to jen dočasná funkce a šlo zřejmě o zvýšení prestige delegace) a zároveň uvádí, že za dobu první a druhé republiky byli jen dva (on byl tedy jedním z nich) velvyslanci - oba jednorázově (alespoň pokud si pamatuju) a dočasně kvůli nějaké takové příležitosti - jak řikám v tejdnu musim do knihovny, takže na to mrknu a hodim to sem. Perličkou je, že LKF odjel jako delegát 2. rep a vracel se již do okupovaného území Sad
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    Citace z I. dílu pamětí L. Feierabenda, str. 125:
    "Odjížděl jsem jako velvyslanec k papežské korunovaci v zastoupení prezidenta republiky a vlády...Už nevím, kdo mne poučil, že jsem třetím velvyslancem Československé republiky. Prvním byl dr. Vojtěch Mastný, když jel v roce 1922 k stému výročí nezávislosti Brazílie, a druhým dr. Milan Hodža, když v roce 1937 zastupoval Československopři korunovaci anglického krále Jiřího VI."

    Ta papežská korunovace měla ještě jednu perličku. Slovenskou delegaci vedl ministr školství autonomní vlády Jozef Sivák, který byl za svého pobytu ve Vatikánu jmenován 9.3. prezidentem Háchou dokonce předsedou autonomní vlády. Funkce se nikdy neujal a 11.3. ho nahradil Karol Sidor.
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    Dovolím si poopravit a doplnit několik detailů stran vyslance v Rumunsku B. Čermáka: Můj pradědeček, pan Bohumil Čermák, takto první vyslanec RČS na dvoře krále Ferdinanda I v Rumunsku se narodil 18.12. 1870 v Plzni jako syn kloboučníka a zemřel 27.2.1921 ve Francii. Do služby nastoupil již na podzim roku 1919. V yjednával postupně s Leninem a Trockým průjezd našich legií Ruskem, po čeljabinském incidentu byl od května do prosince 1918 vězněn. Ve vězení byl nucen podepsat rozkaz legiím o odzbrojení, který legie naštěstí ignorovaly. S podlomeným zdravím se vrátil v lednu 1919 do vlasti. Na počátku roku 1921 se rozhodl odejít z diplomatických služeb a hodlal se navrátit do komerční sféry (tabákový a ropný průmysl). Zemřel ve Francii na srdeční selhání.
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    2 hoba:

    Děkujeme za doplnění. Vítejte na Válce !
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