Válečný chirurg Oblt. idRes. Franz Burian

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Válečný chirurg Oblt. idRes. Franz Burian

Válečný život Františka Buriana a zrození české plastické chirurgie

    Dear colleagues,

    add a dash to identify a photo of the packaging interesting book about an equally interesting and successful men of Czech origin operating in the Great war on the field of the care of wounded soldiers. War surgeon reserve lieutenant Franz Burian (1881-1965), he worked, inter alia, in the Balkan wars of 1912 - 1913 in Sofia, bulgaria as a leading surgeon and chief of surgery. I wonder therefore, whether the procedure which is a carrier at the snapshot below is actually a Bulgarian Order For civil merit IV. class banked by the crown. My point is what is the exactly class, then what is on the ribbon, whether it is a granted higher class virtually then non as the thumbnail image on the ribbon and a little more to the award and other information about this procedure.

    Well and what for the decoration is on the pocket, here unfortunately I don't know in sign. I'm sorry, but the better quality the picture is me available.
    About Burianovi came out and hilarious article in the weekend annex of the Law. I recommend.

    Book: a War surgeon. War life of František Burian and the birth of the Czech plastic surgery.
    Author: Vlasta Mádlová, Václav Smrčka.
    URL : https://en.valka.cz/topic/view/201233#575286Version : 0