INT - 16.04.1922 - Rapallská smlouva (RSFSR-Výmarská republika)

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INT - 16.04.1922 - Rapallská smlouva (RSFSR-Výmarská republika)

    The German government, represented by the p. Dr. Walter Rathenauem and the government of the Russian socialist federal soviet republic, represented by p. Čičerinem, have agreed upon the following provisions:

    Article 1.

    Both governments agreed to the settlement between Germany and Russia from the time of state of war rested on these foundations:

    a) the German reich and the Russian socialist federative soviet republic disclaim each other compensation of war expenses, as well as compensation of war damage, i.e. damage to them and their nationals in the war the territory incurred by military measures, including all rekvisice, carried out in the enemy's country. Also they are ashamed of both sides of the damages the civil, which have been caused by members of one part of the so-called war laws exceptional or violent measures of the state authorities of the other party.

    b) the Legal relationships of public and private, concerned the state of war, as well as the question of dealing with commercial ships, which came into the hands of the other party, will be adjusted according to the principle of reciprocity.

    c) Germany and Russia disclaim each other compensation expenses for war prisoners. Also disclaims the German government to refund expenses incurred by it internováním members of the red army in Germany. The Russian government then waives the reimbursement of the proceeds from the sale by Germany of military things, it rekvírovaných and to Germany transported.

    Article 2.

    Germany waives claims arising from the current use of the laws and measures of the soviet republic to the German reich nationals or their private rights and on the rights of the German reich and countries against Russia, as well as claims resulting from measures taken by the soviet republic or of rights, assuming that the government of the soviet republic also does not satisfy similar claims of other states.

    Article 3.

    Diplomatic and consular relations between the German empire and the soviet republic will be immediately restored. Admission konsulů both parties will be regulated by a special agreement.

    Article 4.

    Furthermore, both governments agreed also on the fact that the general legal position of nationals of one party in the territory of the other party and for the general adjustment of trade and economic relations of both parties has to pay the principle of the greatest advantages. This principle does not apply to the privileges and concessions that the soviet republic shall provide the other soviet republic or such state which was formerly part of the Russian empire.

    Article 5.

    The two governments come out blahovolně to meet the economic needs of both countries. In a major adjustment of this question on an international basis communicate first their views. The German government expresses readiness to support the as options of the arrangement envisaged by private firms, and she recently announced, and their implementation usnadniti.

    Article 6.

    Article 1.b and 4. this agreement will come into force by ratification of, the other provisions immediately.

    Drawn up in duplicate.

    In Rapallo on 16. April 1922.

    Rathenau. Čičerin.

    . Hilarious, World politics 20. century in documents 1900-1945,Prague 2000
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