[19.10.2016-21.10.2016] - Praha - Future Forces Forum 2016

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[19.10.2016-21.10.2016] - Praha - Future Forces Forum 2016

    the Exhibition Future Forces 2016 will show the latest military and security technology
    cutting-edge technology and innovations that allow soldiers in the field to gain an advantage over the enemy or face the adverse natural conditions are one of the important parts of the nomenclature of the exhibition Future Forces, which will take place in the days of 19. - 21. October at the exhibition centre PVA EXPO PRAGUE as part of the project of the Future Forces Forum - this year's most important international event in the field of defence and security held in the Czech republic. Attended by over 200 Czech and foreign companies and 1,200 official delegates and military experts from sixty countries. In the framework of the expert program will perform 240 speakers from around the world. The official launch will take place with the participation of general Petr Pavel, chairman of the military committee of NATO.

    Exhibitors from 25 countries
    The exhibition Future Forces participating companies from around the world and a wide range of fields of defence and security industry. Among them, such as Aclima AS show new functional materials that have already used the armies of several states, Airborne Systems will bring to Prague parachute systems, which has a newly equipped army of the USA, Brolis Photonics will introduce a new technology that can make soldiers in the field invisible and Glomex Military Supplies will perform a complete equipment for the special forces, air force and police.

    One of the big challenges for developers who are working on projects of the so-called "soldier of the future" is to reduce the weight and dimensions of the equipment that a soldier moves in the field and to ensure him the longest stamina. One of the key areas is the accumulation and "portability" for electrical energy, in particular, the stamina, the size and weight of the batteries. The company Bionic Power will bring on the Future Forces Forum 2016, a new generation of portable batteries "PowerWalk", which are recharged for the walk. The device, which the soldier attached to the leg, it generates 10 to 12 watts. In practice, this means that the average walker can recharge in four hours four smartphones. The big theme of this year's Future Forces Forum is also a critical infrastructure protection and defense against cyber attacks. Practical solutions for how to protect the backbone of the data network will be at the event to present several companies. Means of defense against chemical and bacteriological attacks show the French company Ouvry or the british BBI Detection. Cristanini will present a simple solution to the decontamination and detoxification.

    Czech firms show a variety of the news
    The largest exhibit will be a helicopter Mi-171Š, which passed modernization at the state enterprise LOM PRAHA. Also on display will be the latest generation of drones, and of course projectile weapons such as from the Czech manufacturer gun ČZ rifles LA (M4) LUVO of Strakonice or PROARMS ARMORY, which has in the program assault rifle PAR Mk3 with a piston system. You won't even miss the manufacturer of explosives Explosia a. s. or škoda, Tatra, which will present its latest military program. Robotic and autonomous systems will present, among other VOP CZ. Jihlavan Airplanes and CTU in the exhibition premiere will present a unique joint project of the ultralight two-seater aircraft. Other projects that arise on campus in cooperation with the army, will present the Technical university of Liberec, institute of chemical technology and other Czech universities.

    the Conference will address cyber defence, soldier equipment 21. a century and robots
    The main program, the preparation of which involved 400 experts from NATO and which will bring to Prague the army of the toe and significant speakers from around the world, includes the congress, three conference and six workshops. At the exhibition will see a number of round tables, bilateral meetings and meetings of the working groups of NATO.
    Conferences and workshops are accessible for the professional public and are focused on national and alliance acquisition plans, the use of the latest technologies, particularly in the area of the soldier of the future, protection against weapons of mass destruction, counterterrorism, critical infrastructure protection, cyber defence, unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics, logistics, field medicine, or the use of geospatial information, hydrometeorologie and GNSS.

    Program for the general public
    Part of the wide program also includes outdoor dynamic demonstration army, the police, fire brigade, medical emergency services and the prison service. Outdoor static and dynamic samples are freely accessible to the general public, the internal part of the exhibition is possible to visit on the basis of the registration.

    1100+ official delegates and VIP guests
    40+ generals
    240+ speakers
    350+ members of the working groups of NATO and the EU
    55+ represented countries
    35+ national and international organizations
    18+ working groups of NATO and the EU
    11+ professional events and meetings (congress, conference, workshops, round tables)
    200+ world and domestic manufacturers, research centers, universities and institutions

    for More information:
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