zařazení vojáka - praděda

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zařazení vojáka - praděda

    Good day,
    I'm trying to look for these information on my great-grandfather, who took part in the fighting in 1. world war. The name of my great-grandfather:

    Albin Hannak, nar. 28.2. 1869 in Damnicích (then written Damitz).

    The war, my grandfather survived, he died in 50. years.

    Due to his age when the declaration of war (45 years), was called probably to in the course of the war, and according to the book " the Czechs in the 1. world war" the decision of the 1.5.1915, when it was domobranecká obligation to be extended to men to the age of 53 years. According to their place of residence would fall under the by-district Znojmo, from which were recruited the soldiers most often for 99. and 24. infantry regiment. It also confirmed the death cards of soldiers originating from this area, which is most often mentioned as the unit is 99. and 24. infantry regiment, which was part of the armies fighting in Galicia, and after the surrender of Russia was sent to the Italian front.

    I attach 2 photos. From the 2 stars on the cuffs can be probably inferred, that he had reached the rank of corporal. Maybe something else could have been derived from the knife/bodáku at his belt.

    I wrote also on the Military of the central archive, I am now waiting for a response..
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