Příčina smrti dle registru umrtí vojáka z VUA

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Příčina smrti dle registru umrtí vojáka z VUA

    I would like to ask for opinion or explanation of the used causes of death according to the register of deaths obtained by VUA for the soldier:

    Fell 21.10.1915
    Cause of death: (Gestorben laut Todesfehleingabe) - died due to an erroneous procedure
    Buried from two months later 21.12.1915 (they are referred to and witnesses to identify the body)
    Dates of death and burial are listed 2x and words, so this is not about a typo/mistake and they will be there those two months difference.

    Apparently did not fall in combat, I don't know whether this is common terminology for more options of death ?

    Thank You Milan..
    URL : https://en.valka.cz/topic/view/190855#551566Version : 0