Voják padlý v 1. světové válce

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Voják padlý v 1. světové válce

    Good day,
    I'm trying to map out the action of my fallen ancestor in the army and in 1.world war.
    Unfortunately, it seems that I'm looking in the ends, and some of the information I to myself too do not fit.
    I would like to ask the assistance of the professionals and experts from this forum, with clarification of fair war and the war of my fallen ancestor.

    Antonin Svoboda
    date of birth 22.12.1892
    place of birth: Rabštýn
    address: Jemnice

    Taken from Jemnice - political district of the Moravian Budejovice
    Year of birth 1892, in the army, he joined then in 1913, in a peaceful state.
    From 1913 the attached photo on the postcard with the stamp of JUDENBURG. In this city he was 17.battalion field hunters: https://forum.valka.cz/topic/view/68611

    1. question: why was a peaceful state before the war, someone taken away so far from home, when most of the soldiers of Jemnice was drained to 99. infantry regiment to the nearby Znojmo.

    The next document is from the records of the fallen in 1. world war. Because of Jemnice fell in the war only Antonín Svoboda, I suppose, that he is, agrees and year of birth.
    I read here but 2.regiment of the tyrolean imperial hunters, ....

    2. question: would it be at all fair of 17.the regiment of field hunters get to 2. the regiment of the tyrolean imperial hunters?

    From the registration of the me is not completely clear, and therefore 3. the question of where he fell, died and is buried. Ternov? Galicia? In addition, according to any unverified information of my ancestors fell at Sevastopol...

    I expected to me in the information list of the fallen on the web Kramerius, but your ancestor in this list despite the long search did not find it. If anyone would have a taste of me with this help and the record found, the corresponding reward would be for finding jitá.

    I would like to ask about your views on the above information, or advice where and how to investigate further.

    Thank you
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