DEU - 16.03.1939 - Výnos Vůdce a říšského kancléře ze dne 16. března 1939 o Protektorátu Čechy a Morava - Zákon 75/1939 Sb.

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DEU - 16.03.1939 - Výnos Vůdce a říšského kancléře ze dne 16. března 1939 o Protektorátu Čechy a Morava - Zákon 75/1939 Sb.

    For a thousand years belonged to the space of the German nation Czech-moravian country. Violence and folly had wrenched them arbitrarily from their old historic neighborhood and then their involvement in the artificial formation of Czecho-Slovakia formed the focus of the standing of unease. From year to year increased the danger of this area - as already once in the past - will there be a new immense threat to european peace. Because of the czecho-Slovak state and its holders of power have failed to organize reasonably the coexistence of national groups, in it, arbitrary united, and the probuditi and preserve the interest of all concerned to maintain their common state. This, however, proved its internal inability to life and failed, therefore now also to the actual decomposition.
    The German empire, however, cannot in these for her own peace of mind and safety as well as for the general welfare and the general peace so definitely important areas should not suffer any permanent faults. Sooner or later she would have to bear heavy consequences as the power of history and the geographical location of the most strongly interesovaná and spolupostižená. Thus corresponds to the command of self-preservation if the German reich is determined to zasáhnouti definitely to ensure the foundations of a reasonable central european order, and to deliver up the regulation that this entails. As it has already won in its millennial historical past, that, thanks to how the size and characteristics of the German nation only hath called řešiti these tasks.

    Filled with a serious desire to serve the true interests of the nations residing in this living space, zajistiti the national individuality of the German and the Czech nation, the benefit of peace and social well-being of all, I therefore order the name of the German empire as a base for future coexistence of the inhabitants of these areas this:

    (1) Part of the former Czecho-Slovak republic, occupied in march 1939 by German troops, belong henceforth to the territory of the Greater German reich and enter as the "Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia" under her protection.
    (2) If the defense of the Empire required, will make the Leader and reich chancellor for the individual parts of these territories to the adjustment of the from a different.

    (1) the Inhabitants of the protectorate, who are members of the German nation, become German nationals, and according to the provisions of the act of the imperial citizens from the 15. September 1935 (Říš. Act. I., str. 1146) říšskými citizens. To them applies, therefore, also the provisions on protection of German blood and German honor. Are subject to the German jurisdiction.
    (2) the Other inhabitants of Bohemia and Moravia become nationals of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

    (1) the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia is autonomous and administers itself.
    (2) Exercise its sovereign rights, belonging to him under the protectorate, in conformity with the political, military and economic needs of the Empire.
    (3) The sovereign rights are exercised by their own authorities and own authorities with their own officials.

    The head of the autonomous administration of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia enjoys the protection and honorary rights of the head of state. The head of the protectorate needs for the exercise of their office the confidence of the Führer and reich chancellor.

    (1) As a supporter of the imperial interests of the named Leader and reich chancellor "Reich protector in Bohemia and Moravia". His official residence is Prague.
    (2) the Reich protector, as representative of the Führer and reich chancellor, and as an agent of the imperial government has the task to nourish it, that care has been taken of the political directives of the Leader and reich chancellor.
    (3) the Members of the government of the protectorate are are confirmed reich protector. Confirmation may be withdrawn.
    (4) the Reich protector is authorised to debit the informovati of all measures of the government of the protectorate and impart one to another of her council. May not brought objections against the measures which would be with it poškoditi Empire, and where there is a danger in delay, deliver up the regulation necessary in the common interest.
    (5) From the publication of the laws, regulations and other legislation, as well as from the performance of administrative measures and pravoplatných court judgments is upustiti, where reich protector objections.

    (1) the Foreign affairs of the protectorate, particularly the protection of its nationals abroad, is of the Empire. Empire will lead foreign affairs as it conforms to the common interests.
    (2) the Protectorate receives a representative with the reich government with the official designation of "ambassador".

    (1) Empire provides the protectorate military protection.
    (2) in Discharging this protection, keeps the Empire in the protectorate of the crew and military equipment.

    3) For maintaining internal security and order, can the protectorate of establishing their own congregations. Organization, numerical strength and weaponry will determine the imperial government.

    The empire shall exercise immediate supervision dopravnictví, as well as on mail and telecommunications.

    The protectorate belongs to the customs territory of the German empire and subject to its customs highness.

    (1) an Inevitable tender is the next reichsmarks up to the next crown.
    (2) the Ratio of the two currencies to each other will determine the imperial government.

    (1) the Empire may bring forth legal regulations valid for the protectorate, if required by common interests.
    (2) If it is given a common need, can of the Realm to take into his own administration administrative fields and establishing the necessary own imperial authorities.
    (3) the Imperial government can do the necessary measures to maintain security and order.

    The law in force now in Bohemia and Moravia remains in force, if not contrary to the meaning of the takeover of the protection of the German empire.

    The reich minister of the interior will issue in agreement with the interested říšskými ministers, regulations and administrative provisions needed to implement and supplement this yield.

    In Prague on 16. march 1939.

    The leader and reich chancellor:
    Adolf Hitler v r
    The reich minister of the interior:

    Dr. Frick v r
    The reich foreign minister:

    Ribbentrop v r
    The reich minister and chief of the reich chancellery:

    Dr. Lammers v. r

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