Sinsheimský 21 cm kanon soustavy Škoda

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Sinsheimský 21 cm kanon soustavy Škoda

Sinsheimische 21 cm kanone system Skoda

    Dear colleagues,
    I'm looking for any information on the origin and type of exhibit, located in the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim.

    The exhibit has the characteristic shapes of the 21 cm gun system Damage. According to available photographs, the exhibit consists of the original simple gears and ložiště. Further, it is understood that during the years he was in Sinsheim is equipped with two versions of the replica of the barrel and the breech.

    I need to determine whether it was an exhibit assembled from multiple pieces, or is the torso a single piece..

    Foto via - upraveno pro potřebu dotazu.
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