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Scallon, Robert Irvin

Robert Irvin Scallon

    Scallon Scallon
    Given Name:
    Robert Irvin Robert Irvin
    Jméno v originále:
    Original Name:
    Robert Irvin Scallon
    Fotografie či obrázek:
    Photograph or Picture:
    generál General
    Akademický či vědecký titul:
    Academic or Scientific Title:
    - -
    Šlechtický titul:
    Hereditary Title:
    Sir Sir
    Datum, místo narození:
    Date and Place of Birth:
    DD.MM.1857 Long Ditton
    DD.MM.1857 Long Ditton
    Datum, místo úmrtí:
    Date and Place of Decease:
    DD.MM.1939 Worcester
    DD.MM.1939 Worcester
    Nejvýznamnější funkce:
    (maximálně tři)
    Most Important Appointments:
    (up to three)
    generál pobočník krále
    velitel Severní armády
    Staff-Lieutenant War office
    A.D.C. General to the King
    Commander of Northern Army
    Staff-Lieutenant at War Office
    Jiné významné skutečnosti:
    (maximálně tři)
    Other Notable Facts:
    (up to three)
    - -
    Související články:
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    Medal Circular, prosinec 2000, Londýn
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    General Sir Robert Irvin Scallon, G.C.B., To.C.I.E., D.With.On., he was educated in London and at Rs.M.And. in Sandhurst. He entered the army in 1876 as a second lieutenant at the 72nd Highlanders. The same year was transferred to the Bombay Staff Corps. As a lieutenant he served during the Second afghan war with the 29th Bombay Native Infantry. He participated in the fighting at Khelat-i-Ghilzie, Sir-i-Asp and the march from Khelat-i-Ghilzie in support of Kandahar.
    In 1881, served as aide to the 23rd Bombay Infantry and the special aide-de-camp of the commander of the Bombajské army in 1884. In the years 1886-87 he served as a staff officer in the Burma campaign and in the Expedition of 1887-88. He was appointed in the orders to pay and awarded the DSO. The captain was promoted in 1887, and to the rank of major in 1896. He held the position of Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant-General in the years 1891-92 and the Inspector-General of Imperial Service Troops in 1897. In the period 1897-98 he served on the North West Frontier where he participated in the operations on the Samaně and the valley of the Kurram Expedition and Tirah. For these and other events he was re-appointed in the orders to pay.
    In 1898 he was awarded the 3. class of the Order of the indian empire and commanded in the years 1898-1904 23rd Bombay Rifles. R. 1902, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and in the same year the honorary colonel. Further, he commanded the section of the Zhob, Mahsud-Waziri Blockading Force 1900-02 for which he received two commendations of the government of India, 1903-04 commanded a column in the operation in the Aden Hinterland and was once again named in the order. R. 1904 he was awarded the 3. class of the Order of the bath. R. 1906, he was promoted to general of the rank of major in 1908 he was appointed to the position of Adjutand-General of India, and in 1909 appointed to the post of Secretary to the Governement of India Army Department. The following year he was awarded the 2. class of the Order of the indian empire, 1911 promoted to general lieutenant and was given command of the Burma division.
    Subsequently he commanded the Lucknowské division. In the years 1911-15, he served as A.D.C. General king and was awarded the 2. class of the Order of spa 1913. In command of the Northern army in 1914-15 was zneschopněn, however r. 1917 he was promoted to general. In the years of 1918-20 he held the position of Staff-Lieutenant in the War Office. R. 1918 he was awarded the 1. class of the Order of the bath. In retirement, he worked in senior positions in the skautu and the Red cross.

    Medal Circular, December 2000, London.
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    General Scallon received outside of the above schedules the following medals:

    - Afghanistan Medal, one label Kandahar
    - Kabul's Kandahar Star
    - India General Service 1854-95 Medal, two labels by the Burma 1885-7 and Burma 1887-89
    - India General Service 1895-1902 Medal, four labels Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Samana 1897, Tirah 1897-98, Waziristan 1901-2
    - Delhi Durbar Medal 1911, silver
    - Jubilee Medal 1935
    - Coronation Medal 1937.
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