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119. peruť [1956- ] :: Squadrons :: Air Force

(119th Squadron "The Bat" / טײסת 119 העטלף)

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טייסת 119 העטלף
Tajeset 119 "Ha'Atalef"
119. Squadron "Die Fledermaus"

With bats in EMBLEM
119th History tajeset Israeli Air Force

119. tajeset is one of the most successful units of the Israeli Air Force Ha'Avir Chel. Pilots of the 119th tajeset received many aerial battles, in which nearly a hundred Arab downed aircraft and dozens of others destroyed on the ground. Performed many hundreds of bombing missions, during which successfully destroyed the Arab air defense, air bases, training camps of terrorists and the Syrian Air Force headquarters in the heart of Damascus. A number of pilots in his years with the 119th tajeset became fighter aces. For these achievements, but also paid a high price - at least ten members of the unit in the defense of Israel lost their lives. Here is their story ...

Establishment unit
119. tajeset was founded in September 1956 at the base of Ekron (now Tel Nov) as a fighter unit for any weather. Weapons have become the three British night fighter jet Gloster Meteor NF.13 and aviation personnel formed a single crew.

The Sinai War
Already less than two months after its inception, the 119th tajeset given the rights and obligations of the first, albeit unofficial and secret actions Sinai War. At night on 29 October 1956 pilot Jehoaš Cidon radar operator with the Brose Elijašivem 200 kilometers south of Cyprus downed Egyptian Il-14 , on board of a meeting in Damascus returned to Cairo sixteen senior officers of the Egyptian General Staff. Escaped death, the Egyptian Chief of General Staff, which is later returned by plane. Egyptian high command, but it suffered a loss by a few hours before the war could not be replaced.

Themselves in hostilities is one crew 119th tajeset did not. Undertaken a few night alarms start against the penetrating jet bombers Egyptian Il-28 , but to avoid contact with the enemy. For example, at night to 31 October crew Cidon / Bros have organized a failed takeoff alarm against Egyptian bombers.

As a result of the Sinai War, the British government imposed an embargo on the remaining three Meteors NF.13 (as hypocritical when one considers that the Israeli actions were coordinated with Britain and France) and Israel, a jet fighter for all-weather badly needed, had to look elsewhere. Suitable type was found, where else than in France and it has SNCA Vautour Iin , which has been ordered seven pieces and already in March 1958 were the first four Vautoury the 119th tajeset delivered. Following the delivery of the British embargo immediately released (felt like one last chance to sell the already obsolete aircraft) and the remaining three Meteors NF.13 delivered in April 1958 (one aircraft flyover crashed in France and was used only as a source of spare parts) .

In August 1963, however, drive all its meteors and Vautoury handed 110th tajeset and started re-armament of the Mirage IIICJ , which was completed in March 1964th

The first combat engagement "Miraz" 119th tajeset took place on 13 November 1966. This unit ofCahal (CVA Haganah L'Israel - Israel Defense Forces) to conduct an operation against Palestinian terrorist training camp in Jordan. Israeli troops were attacked during an operation a pair of Jordan Hunter . The point guard was called Mirage 119th tajeset and after aerial combat osmiminutovém tajeset Commander Ran Ronen one of Hunter shot down. It was the third victory of the history of the series Mirage .

The aggressive deployment occurred during the so-called "water wars" in April 1967, Syrian artillery shelled the building of irrigation channels in the border areas of northern Israel. To defend the northern kibbutz was seventh April 1967 the Air Force deployed - Ouragany , Mystery and Vautoury attacked Syrian batteries, while the Mirage one hundred and first, 117th and 119 tajeset provide air cover.
The clash occurred eight minutes before four pm. A pair of Mirage 119th tajeset, piloted by Major Ran Ronen Avraham and Captain Salmon, is woven with two Syrian MiG-21 . Ran Ronen after assuming the position of firing a missile fired Šafrir, but that the MiG just passed, without exploding. Then the Syrians turned on afterburners tried to escape. Ronen Šafrir second hit, but this pilot MiG outmaneuvered. Ronen two-second dose of the Mirage , but it escaped from an exploding MiG had to eject.
Avraham Salmon meanwhile attacked the other MiG . Both guided missiles Šafrir , fired from a distance of 1000, 700 meters traditionally fail and therefore the distance of 400 meters fired from cannons. Syrian missiles hit a few, but Salmon was a lack of fuel forced to stay and fight the damaged MiG returned to base.
At half-past four in the afternoon were in the same area detected the presence of four Syrian MiG-21 , which were induced to two pairs of Mirage , one of the 117th and 119 tajeset. "Hundred and nineteen" represented in this engagement Major Mordecai Jeshurun ​​and captain Oded Sagi. The engagement, however, was never realized because of the MiG pilots took care of the 117th tajeset.

Six-Day War
Since the beginning of 1967 the aggressive plans of the Arab countries towards Israel is becoming increasingly important. 14th May joined the Egyptian army into the demilitarized zone on Mount Sinai and UN troops are deployed to the forced withdrawal. In addition, the 22nd May Egypt blocked the Straits of Tiran to all shipping traffic, leading to the Israeli port of Eilat. These acts were flagrant violation of the ceasefire agreement concluded in 1956, despite the fact that the armies of Arab war preparations clearly showed that more Arab aggression is only a matter of time.
Based on the decision by the Israeli government because of the Israeli Air Force on Monday 5 June 1967 launched a preventive strike against Arab air forces of neighboring countries and 119 tajeset, of course, at that:

The first wave:
At 7.50 pm four Mirage (band 119 / 5, callsign Apartment) attacked the Egyptian Inšás base, which bombed the runway and subsequent passes on the ground destroyed 4-5 MiG-21 .
Crew: 1 Ran Ronen (Mirage 58), No. 2 Shlomo Egozy (Mirage 1932), No. 3 Eliezer Prigat (Mirage 1920), No. 4 Asher Snir (Mirage 43).
7.24 takeoff, landing 8.25 pm
Formation was right to start as early as July 19 but due to an error in the documentation to take off 5 minutes late. Formation Commander Ran Ronen he realized the mistake only when he saw four starting Vautourů , which should take off on schedule after the formation Apartment. Formation, therefore, immediately took off and flew all the way speed of 420 knots (778 km / h) instead of 360 (667 km / h) and accelerated to 540 (1000 kph) nodes earlier than planned. Delays formation leveled one minute before the goal.

At 8:00 am four Mirage (band 119 / 6, callsign Lintel) attacked the Egyptian Cairo-West base, where 500 kg bombs bombed the runway and land destroyed one bomber ( Tu-16 or IL-28 ), two MiG-21 and two MiG-17 . Number 2 is the first air raid failed to throw bombs and therefore odbombardoval up on subsequent passes.
Crew: 1 Oded Sagi (Mirage 80), No. 2 Arnon Lapidot (Mirage 68), No. 3 Ilan Haiti (Mirage 79), No. 4 Itamar Neuner (Mirage 1919).
7.27 takeoff, landing 8.26 pm

At 8.55am four Mirage (band 119 / 7, call sign Gutter) again attacked the Cairo-West, where bombed runway 16/34 and then, three fly-bys, where the aircraft and fired behind the airport building. Figure 4 also carried out photographic documentation of the base (just come from his well-known images of burning bomber Tu-16 ).
In one of the flybys were the number 3 hit in the back of the fuel tank. Due to the subsequent release of aircraft over Gaza fuel out of fuel, but with Reuven Rozen aircraft could land safely at base Hatzor.
Crew: No. 1 Agassi Yaakov (Mirage 78), No. 2 Omri Afek (Mirage 41), No. 3 Reuven Rozen (Mirage 83), No. 4, Ehud Salah (Mirage 85).
8.17 takeoff, landing 9.30

Each unit Mirage addition to strikes against the bases left the country two pairs of cash, armed for air combat. During the first two waves of the cash 119th tajeset formed by Eitan Karmim Gioro and Rome, lifted and instructed the Egyptian Abu Sueir base, where the Egyptian MiG-21 trying to attack the attacking Israeli aircraft. Karmi and ROM after two MiGách shot down.

The second wave:
Four Mirage (callsign Apartment) bombed the Egyptian Abu Sueir base and subsequent passes bombers destroyed four Il-28 .
Number two due to erroneous switching of the weapon system of air-air neodbombardoval. After returning to the pilot found that the two 500 kg bombs are in place, but rather a lack of anti-aircraft missileŠafrir .
Crew: 1 Ran Ronen (Mirage 43), No. 2 Keinan Baruch (Mirage 1920), No. 3 Eliezer Prigat (Mirage 58), No. 4 Asher Snir (Mirage 32).
9.35 takeoff, landing 10.27 pm

Four Mirage (callsign Lintel) attacked the base of the Egyptian El-Minja, which bombed the runway in the country into the ground six to eight IL-14 .
Crew: 1 Oded Sagi (Mirage 79), No. 2 Shlomo Egozy (Mirage 1919), No. 3 Ilan Haiti (Mirage 80), No. 4 Itamar Neuner (Mirage 68).
9.48 takeoff, landing 11.14 pm

A pair of Mirage conducted reconnaissance flight over the Egyptian base Inšás, which carried photographic documentation. During the return flight pair flew into a flock of storks, which were sucked into an engine number 2, and caused his arrest. However, the pilot managed to re-start the engine and land safely on base. The aircraft was repaired and the next morning was back in the air.
Crew: 1 Moti Jeshurun ​​( Mirage IIIBJ No. 87), No. 2 Uri YAR (IIICJ Mirage (R) No 85).
10.55 Takeoff, landing 11.58 pm

At 12:30 pm four Mirage (callsign Apartment) attacked the base Gardaka Egypt, where on earth destroyed eight MiG-17 helicopter and one Mi-6 . During the attack, were attacked by twenty-three (!) Egyptian MiG-19 and -21 . Ran Ronen in aerial combat shot down two MiG-19 , the third shot down the young lieutenant Arnon Lapidot (at the time he flew the Mirage just less than six months). Four MiGs crashed while attempting to land on the runway and bombed the remaining sixteen MiGs crashed after fuel exhaustion while trying to fly to the northern base. All Mirage right back at home base.
Crew: 1 Ran Ronen (Mirage 78), No. 2 Arnon Lapidot (Mirage 1920), No. 3 Reuven Rozen (Mirage 43), No. 4 Baruch Keinan (Mirage 32).
11.35 Takeoff, landing from 12.48 to 12.59 hrs)

At a time when the second wave in the air, penetrated into Israeli airspace several Syrian MiG-17 and -21 and Jordan Hunter , who tried to attack various targets in Israel. The air was lifted two cash 119th tajeset and Oded Sagi a Hunter shot down. The co-pilot fired two missiles Šafrir to another hunter, but none intervened (first generation Šafrirů was very erratic and hit the target just about every fifteen rocket, during the Six Day War did not touch even a goal or a shot Šafrir ).

The Third Wave:
Four Mirage (callsign Floor) attacked the Jordanian base of the H-5 at Ammann (Prince Hassan AB), where 500 kg bombs bombed the runway 06/24 and the subsequent bombardment of passes on the ground behind the aircraft and control tower. Number 1 because of an erroneous switch weapon system mode air-air neodbombardoval bombs and threw up on their return flight.
The initial objective should be the Egyptian base Gardaka before the flight was diverted to the formation of Amman.
Crew: 1 Avraham Salmon (Mirage 07), No. 2 Omri Afek (Mirage 79), No. 3 Yaakov Agassi (Mirage 41), No. 4 Menachem unlucky (Mirage 68).
12.15 Takeoff, landing 13.37 pm

The fourth wave:
Four Mirage (callsign Fence) attack on the Syrian base T-4, which bombed the runway and in subsequent passes on the ground destroyed several aircraft. The raid was the formation assaulted by two Syrian MiG -21 , which shot down Giora Rom and Asher Snir. Due to low fuel state had Giora Rom land at Ramat David.
Crew: 1 Karmi Eitan (Mirage 68), No. 2 Giora Rom (Mirage 43), No. 3 Eliezer Prigat (Mirage 1920), No. 4 Asher Snir (Mirage 32).
The original objective was the formation of Egypt and its base Inšás Commander Ran Ronen, but just before takeoff was recalled back to the formation of hardened shelters, where she announced a change in Syrian targets the T-4. Ran Ronen Eitan was replaced in the cockpit of Karma and the call sign of the formation was changed from the apartment fence.
15.14 Takeoff, landing 16.14 pm

A few minutes later, the T-4 attacked three more Mirage (callsign Lintel). Just before reaching the band got into fights with two MiG-21 , which finally downed pilots formation Fence. After odbombardování made several flybys in which bombard the earth behind the aircraft. Together formation Fence and Lintel on earth destroyed nine Syrian aircraft.
It was originally a four-piece band, but Reuven Rozen for technical reasons had to interrupt the mission before takeoff.
The original objective was Damyr Syrian base, but after about 100 km flight was diverted to the formation of the T-4.
Crew: 1 Oded Sagi (Mirage 79), No. 2, Ehud Salah (Mirage 58), No. 3 Menachem unlucky (Mirage 78).
15.18 Takeoff, landing 16.20 pm

Fifth Wave:
Four Mirage (callsign Apartment) attacked the international airport in Cairo, where he bombed the runway, without the usual subsequent flybys of bombardment airplanes or buildings.
Crew: 1 Ran Ronen (Mirage 41), No. 2 Arnon Lapidot (Mirage 07), No. 3 Ilan Haiti (Mirage 58), No. 4 Itamar Neuner (Mirage 20).
17.10 Takeoff, landing 18.15 pm

A few minutes later, another pair of Mirage káhirským emerged over the international airport and dropped a bomb with a delayed percussion. The aim was to disrupt operations at the airport overnight.
Crew: 1 Moti Jeshurun ​​(Mirage 79), 2 Avraham Salmon (Mirage 78).
17.47 Takeoff, landing 18.50 pm

The first day of the Six Day War, the 119th pilots tajeset conducted 70 sorties in the aerial battles and shot down ten aircraft Arabic without a single loss. His first three victories, five in total, he scored that day, Lieutenant Giora Rom, which later became the most successful Israeli Six-Day War ace. Head ace on the Mirage was the first commander of the 119th day of the war tajeset Major Ran Ronen with four kills.

On Tuesday 6th June morning, the Egyptian fighter-bombers Su-7 tried to attack Israeli ground troops in the Sinai. Against them stood the Mirage one hundred and first and 119 tajeset and resulted in the downing of five Su, one of which went to the account of the 119th tajeset.
Later the same day, two-man patrol 119th tajeset (Uri pilots and Ithamar Neuner YAR), along with a patrol of one hundred and first tajeset, instructed toward Port Said, which was detected two Egyptian MiG-19 . The second MiG became the premier down to Uri Jeariho.
Around the same time, further south, the mountain of Jebel Mara, a pair of 119th Oded tajeset Sagi and Omri Afek clashed with four MiG-19 , of Sagi and Afek which one was destroyed.

From the third day of the war the 119th tajeset particular mission entrusted to winning the air superiority and air defense of Israel.
On Wednesday 7 June was the formation of Bir Džafdžafy Super Mystery 105th tajeset in attacking ground targets attacked by a group of Egyptian MiG-17 . Instead of a three-member patrol summoned Mirage 119th tajeset (Mordechai Jeshurun, Giora Rom, and Avraham Salmon) Two MiGs shot down. The two took care of Lieutenant Giora Rom, who became not only the first fighter ace in the Mirage , but also Israel's first fighter ace of all.

On the fourth day war (June 8) pilots 119th tajeset continue patrol flights over Sinai, Egypt where the activity slowly subsided. There have been several air fights, in which the Romani Salmon Avraham Menachem, and shot down two unlucky one MiG-19 .
In the afternoon, four Egyptian MiG-17 , covered by four MiG-21 attacked the Israeli forces at El-Aris. The site is next to a pair of Mirage from the 101st tajeset, the pair appeared 119th tajeset Avraham Reuven Salmon and barbecue, which one MiG-17 shot down. Rozen thereafter unsuccessfully attacked the bomber Il-28 .
At the same time two other patrol near 119th tajeset Yaakov Menachem Agassi and pitches, that IL-28 and caught fire cannons already Šmulových Egyptian bomber escaped. The pair then turned westward, to haunt the rest of Ilyushin, but then was attacked by four MiG-21 , which shot down the unlucky one.

Friday, 9 June, the activity of the Egyptian Air Force pilots are already low and the 119th tajeset got only one air combat, while Asher Snir Ilan Hait and chased two Egyptian MiG-17 attacking the Israeli ground troops. Snir shot down two MiGs, while Haiti is the pitch Mirage number 55 again jammed guns. The Mirage was considered almost a damn - every air combat jamming guns, plus two times due to technical fault crash (October 10, 1968 and March 4, 1971), with two pilots (Ben Samuel-Rom and Jermijahu Kejdar) were seriously injured.

On the 10th entered into force in June ceasefire agreement. A total of 20 pilots of the 119th tajeset during the Six Day War, carried out total of 316 combat missions (IDF / AF officially gives 346 missions) and the loss of one aircraft shot down 24 Arab and other aircraft destroyed on the ground. 119. tajeset thus became the most successful unit of the Six-Day War. Most missions, nineteen, made Ran Ronen, Uri Sagi YAR and Oded.

Although the Six-Day War ended, but the engagement between Israeli and Egyptian planes were soon rampant again.
First "postwar" downing 119th tajeset has achieved less than a month after the Six Day War, the 8th July 1967, when Avi Ben-Nun shot down an EgyptianMiG-21 .
Seven days later, 15 July was four Mirage 119th tajeset the exploratory flight over several MiGs attacked Egypt. Pilots of the 119th tajeset at the time chalked up victories, five Egyptian jets - two MiG-17 Asher Snir and shot down one MiG-21 , then Ran Ronen, Prigat Eliezer and Avi Ben-Nun. MiG shot down Ronen, was the first strike, missile achieved Šafrir Ronen and the second was down by Israeli fighter ace.
Avi Ben-Nun scored a third time when alarm start 10th October 1967 and his victim was one of four Egyptian MiG-21 that penetrated the Israeli controlled Sinai.

During the Six Day War, Israeli troops in the Sinai base Bir Džafdžafa provide dozens of Soviet anti-aircraft guided missiles R-3 (AA-2 Atoll) and nine launchers rack. The test was found to be compatible with the weapon system Mirage and parameters and characteristics similar to the AIM-9B Sidewinder . Soviet missiles were so at the end of 1967 included in the standard armory 119th tajeset, which is used until 1970.

The year 1968 took place without any appreciable hostilities and 119th Account tajeset that year did not increase. The clash started to occur again until the beginning of 1969. 14th April Reuven Rozen shot down one of the eight Egyptian MiG-21 , who posed as an attack on Israeli ground forces that drew attention from the mission reconnaissance MiG-21 . It was also the first victory of Israel, made ​​the Mirage with missiles AIM-9B Sidewinder .

The more significant engagement occurred on the 21st May 1969. That day, several formations of Egyptian MiG-21 tried to go over the Sinai. Jan took off from Tel hastily built two cash Ran Ronen and Reuven Rozen and radio quiet directed at low altitude to al-Bardawil. Meanwhile, aside from the base Refidim took off and the sound cash 119th tajeset Snir Asher Eliyahu and Menachem and went to the same area. In the ensuing fight Ronen, Snir Rozen and shot down one MiG and an Egyptian aircraft battery shot down a Hawk missile (it was the first victory of Hawk).

24th June 1969 pilots of the 119th tajeset "on the celebration of the new Force Commander of the Egyptian Ali Mustafa Baghdádího organized an ambush on the Egyptian pilots and Amos Amir a MiG-21 shot down.

So far, the largest air battle since the end of the Six Day War, the second occurred July 1969 and 119 tajeset notched three Egyptian MiG-21 - two shot down and one Karmi Eitan Amir Amos.
The battles with the Egyptians, and now Syrian aircraft were in 1969 and 1970 really rampant in this period was almost the month to the 119th tajeset extended the number of victories.

11th September 1969 the Egyptians launched a massive air attack on Israeli military installations in the Sinai. The result was seven downed MiG-21 andSu-7 , of which one was shot down and Harish Dror Snir Asher. Another Mige-21PFM but was shot down by Mirage No. 18, Israel's first fighter ace Giora Rom ejected and was captured.
The record is 27th March 1970, when Asher Snir downed two and Arnon Levošin an Egyptian MiG-21 . Snir two victories to become the first Israeli double ace.
2nd April 1970, the number of Israeli fighter-es has grown by two other names, when the pilots 119th tajeset Amos Amir Salmon, and Avraham, the day reached its fifth down. His second MiG-21 downed in the same battle and Abraham Gilad.
Unique night down to the end of the 25th April Amos Amir achieved when using missiles AIM-9E Sidewinder bomber shot down an Egyptian Il-28 , Israel bombed a military facility at El-Aris. This target was shot down from another perspective. At that time the alarm starts the night catered units, armed F-4E Phantom . Units of the Mirage , while also kept the overnight cash, but the real start was so unlikely that the cash nor the pilots were usually dressed in flight gear. Fiat to launch sharp because he was so surprising that Amos Amir (commander of the unit!) Started in the clothing that was just wearing - shirt, shorts and sandals!

Three days later, 28 April 1970, the Sinai again penetrated several formations of MiG-17 and Su-7 with the intent to attack Israeli military posts. The cash Rephidim pair took off 119th tajeset Dror and Nir Yitzhak Haris, which saw four Su-7 , crossing the Suez Canal. Egyptians spotted the "Miraz" threw a bomb load into the desert, divided into two pairs and turned back. Nir Harish with a pair of chased and both dry shot down - Haris dose of the guns, Soviet rocket Nir R-3 . Nirova Mirage number 79 was damaged by splinters from bombs Egyptian discarded.

15th May 1970 Deputy Commander of the 119th tajeset Asher Snir the six-altitude aerial combat in the treetops shot down a Syrian MiG-17 . This match is very engagingly describes himself in the book Ashes Snirem Flyers with a Star of David.
Four Mirage 119th tajeset, led by the unit commander Amos Amir on 30 July 1970 attended by well-known trap for the Soviet pilots, in which one MiG-21 shot down and Avraham Asher Snir Salmon, which is another MiG share it with Jephthah Spektor from the 101st tajeset.

The attrition battles of the war pilots 119th tajeset total of 38 Arab aircraft shot down, the price of one lost Mirage. During the attrition war, reflected the full range of French arms embargo against Israel and Chel began Ha'Aviru sufficient supply of spare parts and the aircraft to operate all three units of the Mirage . In October 1970, therefore, 119th tajeset Mirage gave all his one hundred and first and 117 tajeset and in the same month was converted to a new technique - U.S. fighter bombers F-4E Phantom II , which received the name Israel Kurnass (sledgehammer).

First aerial victory Phantom of the 119th tajeset reached 21st November 1972 Samuel Ben-ROM with your Aharon Katz, when shot down over the Golan Heights, Syrian MiG-21 .
Further aerial combat took place right at the beginning of the following year, 8 January 1972, when the Phantom , attacking a Syrian radar station attacked by four Syrian MiG-21 . Pilots accompanying Phantom 119th tajeset four MiGs shot down - two downed crew David Dror / Peri Nathan, one crew member Samuel Ben-Rom / Mordechai Ilan and Zvi Kanor / Zvi Tal.
The large air battle took place on 13 September 1973 the Syrian and Lebanese coasts. The day started four reconnaissance RF-4E , two from the 69th and 119 tajeset a reconnaissance flight over northern Syria. After departing from the task four intruders flew Syrian MiG-21PF from 54th squadron, which clashed with fighter escort aircraft - four Phantom of the 107th tajeset and eight Mirage , four from the 101st and 117 tajeset. Meanwhile, the Syrians sent another into the air at least a dozen MiG-21PF and FL against which cash has been raised four Phantom The 69th tajeset and two from the 119th tajeset. Meanwhile, as all exploration RF-4E returned safely to base, the battle continued. One of the pilots reconnaissance RF-4E 119th tajeset, Moshe Melnik, so soon after landing changed for the fighter and led into battle the next couple of Phantom .
In total, this encounter was shot down 12 Syrian MiG-21 lost in one of the Mirage (Yossi Shimshon pilot was rescued by helicopter from the sea). The actual 119th tajeset in this contest score extended by another three victories - one Syrian MiG-21 downed crew Omri Afek / Chaim Katz, Rafael root / Shimshon Rozen and Moshe Melnik / Chaim Barkan.
It is just a pearl, even though the Israelis have lost this battle only one Mirage, The Syrians in the battle claimed the destruction of eight Israeli aircraft and four MiG leader of the 54th Flight Captain Adib el-Gar was "the downing of two Phantom "awarded the title Hero of the Republic.

But the hardest test yet to come ...

Yom Kippur War
On Saturday 6 October 1973 at two o'clock in the evening, Egyptian and Syrian army invaded Israel. Arab armies that tried to emulate the success of Israel six years earlier, in addition to ground attack from the outset, operate large-scale air strikes against Israeli air bases and air defense resources in the Sinai.

From the very beginning of the war, pilots of the 119th tajeset primarily involved in events close to the battlefield isolation, suppression of enemy air defense and air strikes against enemy bases. Truly exceptional was the first day of the war, when all the fighters reflected waves nalétávajících Arab aircraft. The first of the 119th tajeset got into a fight with a pair of cash, the detached forward base Refidim Sinai. Head Moshe Melnik pair with your Zvi Tal missile shot down an unmanned AS-5, launched from the bomber Tu-16 , and subsequently fighter-bomber Su-7 . The Phantom 119th tajeset was made ​​that day one more shot down (an Egyptian helicopter Mi-8 ), but sat in his cabin crew 107th tajeset (Ran Goren pilot and operator Joss YAR), who borrowed an airplane after their own Phantom was landing on the base bombed Refidim DEPARTING damaged stones.

Second day of the war (October 7, 1973) Israeli Air Force launched an operation Tagar aimed (at least temporary) disposals of six major Egyptian air bases. The aim of Phantom 119th Mansour was tajeset base. Shortly after the formation odbombardování was attacked by Egyptian MiG-21 . After one MiG downed crew Arnon Lapidot / Chaim Katz and Raphael root / Moshe Bartov.
The rest of the Phantom is, together with the Skyhawk , participated in strikes against the Egyptian anti-aircraft artillery.

On Monday 8 October, most of the efforts of the Israeli Air Force had turned against the Syrian front, where it was now directly threatened by the state of Israel itself. All tajeset Phantom that morning attacked four Syrian Air Force Base, 119th tajeset probably bombed, or base Chulchul Nazaríja.
In addition, the 119th tajeset of the bombed Syrian antiaircraft batteries in the Golan Heights.

Before noon on October 9 was a three tajeset Phantom , including the 119th, entrusted with extremely important and daring mission - bombing Syrian Air Force headquarters building in Damascus. The event was attended by eight PhantomArmed with conventional "iron" bombs. Despite unfavorable weather and a slight deviation in flight navigation to the goal, goal formation in the middle of Damascus found all deposed bombs engulfed and destroyed the upper floors of the building. Formation of the remaining units of action to break the bad weather and were diverted to other destinations. According to the testimony of captured Israeli pilots who were at that time held in the basement, Syrian officers were convinced that only the top floors of the destruction was deliberate, in order not to jeopardize the lives of five Israeli pilots. The attack was so surprising that air defense was not enough fire near Damascus. When the trip was shot down a Phantom . Dov Sapir, while the pilot was killed and operator Jacob Jaakobi was captured. Second Phantom was hit, but the pilot is burning engine could land safely at the base. Formation Commander Major Arnon Lapidot (Levošin) for this event after the war, Israel received the highest award for bravery "Q Ha'Gvura.
That same evening, a pair of Phantom 119th tajeset penetrated deep into Syrian area in order to find Iraqi expeditionary force, which according to intelligence information should move toward the Golan front. Against Phantomům cash flew Syrian MiG-21 , one of which Omri Afek with your Zeev Zeevim shot down. Both Phantom to return home intact.

On Wednesday 10 October Phantom 119th tajeset bombed Syrian air force base Blai, where they were attacked by Syrian MiG-21 . One of the MiGs got into fights with manévrového phantom , piloted by Moshe Melnik. Shortly after Syrian aircraft had lost control of his control and fell.

Information on the activities of the 119th Combat tajeset 11th October is not known.

12th morning October 119th aircraft tajeset again bombed a Syrian air base Blai for six hours and dismantled.

Similar events also took place the morning on 13th October, the 119th tajeset bombed Syrian air base Chulchul and again the base Blai.
Until that date, the 119th tajeset from the beginning of the war lost three Phantom and six crew members (three killed, three captured).

On Sunday 14 October, after he collapsed in the Egyptian Sinai on the offensive, the Israeli Air Force conducted an extensive base of attack against the Egyptian Tanta, Egypt has been home to the 41st squadron of MiG-21PFM Libyan and two squadrons of Mirage 5 . For the blow through three tajeset Phantom . First, two hundred and first eight aircraft tajeset for distraction, five minutes after half-past three this afternoon conducted a strike against the nearby Mansour base that housed the Egyptian elite 45th and 46 squadron, armed MiG-21MF . Five minutes after six Phantom 119th tajeset led by unit commander Eliezer Prigatem with your Aharon Katz, attacked air defense resources in the ants and then attacked a formation of two six- 107th tajeset. The result of the attack were excluded Tanto a full 24 hours. After odbombardování the way home tried unpleasant Egyptian MiG-21 , but after it attacked a root with Rafael operator Rachaminem Sofer, Egyptian swerved so sharply that the aircraft lost control and fell.

On Monday 15 October at a quarter to twelve this afternoon Phantom 119th tajeset, led by Major Asher Snirem with your lieutenant Aharon Katz, Tanta raid on the base again. The scenario was similar to the previous day, with the only difference is that the "bat" as the other two hundred and first attacking formation tajeset. This action however, did not work as smoothly as the day before. Before reaching the Egyptian coast, one of the Phantom had to return the fuel system failure. Approaching the target was a Phantom hit with rocket-125m Neva. Benjamin Livne pilot successfully ejected and was captured, but only twenty weapons systems operator Rahamin Sofer died. The return trip was attacked by two formations addition, MiG-21 . In the ensuing aerial combat was one of the MiGs shot down Snirem Asher. The contest was launched on the R-3 (AA-2 Atoll) hit another Phantom , but his pilot Omri Afek with the damaged wing was able to return to Tel Nov.

Information on the activities of the 119th Combat tajeset 16th October is not known, but generally units Phantom in the day attacked the Egyptian anti-aircraft batteries at Port Said and bombed strategic targets in Syria.

On Wednesday, 17 October Phantom 119th tajeset provide air cover for the 69th tajeset who bombed three bridges north of Latakia in Syria. In the area there were two air fights with Syrian MiG-21 , in which two MiGs were shot down. First downing Moshe Melnik reached with the operator Lior Elazar, the second MIGA Melnik return to share it with Asher Snirem.

18th October, the attention units Phantom returned to the Arab air bases. Pilots of the 119th tajeset bombed the base Calcio (Tsalchiya) to ground are deployed MiG-21 that could not intervene against Phantomům 69th and 201 tajeset, attacking air defense sites in Kantare.

Information on the activities of the 119th Combat tajeset 19th October is not known.

On Saturday 20 October 119th tajeset provide close air support of ground forces west of the Suez Canal. At this event, the surface-to-air missile downed Phantom , piloted by Oded Moshe Sagi with your University.

In the Sunday, the 21st October Israeli forces launched an operation Kinoach, whose aim was to re-occupy a strategic observation posts on Mount Hermon, which was the first day of the war in Syrian hands. Helicopter landing and infantry attack from the air cover Phantom119. and 201 tajeset. Two 119th Phantom Patrol tajeset crews Nachum Merkava / Mordechai Ilan and Daniel Guri / Benjamin Zvi while Syria had shot down one MiG-21 .

Information on the activities of the 119th Combat tajeset 22nd October is not known, but generally units Phantom of the attacking ground targets and air defense sites along the Egyptian front.

On Wednesday 23 October, the lake held a bitter dogfight last Yom Kippur War. Its main participants were the pilots of the 119th Gideon tajeset Seffer and Moshe Melnik, who shot down one Egyptian MiG-21 . Moshe Melnik is also down by Israeli fighter became the seventh ace of the Phantom (Melnik in June 1979 became the first pilot in the world, which reached down to the F-15 ).

On Wednesday 24 October at noon came into force a ceasefire agreement on both fronts. During the Yom Kippur War, the 119th pilots tajeset flew over 900 combat missions and achieved victories in the loss of sixteen five F-4E . At least four crew members perished, at least four others were captured. The ratio of sorties to the loss was 185:1.

After the war, it is time to replace combat losses. Some loss of technology have been completed during the war supplies Phantom of the withdrawn troops from the USAF, but many suffered numerous fighter aircraft for damage and wear. In 1974, therefore the number of Phantom by new supplies from the United States (48 units - half new, half used).

Tensions on both borders, continued after the war. On 6 December 1973 with the formation of four mixed Phantom (two from the 69th and 119th tajeset) clashed over the Suez Gulf with four MiG-21 , flown by North Koreans. In the ensuing fight was shot down two MiGs , one of which extended the 119th Account tajeset.

After 1973 the situation in the Arab-Israeli border for several years and calmed down after the signing of a peace agreement at Camp David incidents on the Egyptian-Israeli border virtually ceased. Another situation was on the border with Syria and Lebanon, which is the result of the civil war was not only a city of Palestinian terrorists, but also a foothold Syrian army. Since 1979, the situation in this area started to deteriorate and the battle between Israeli and Syrian fighters were again almost on a daily basis. Brunt of the aerial battles but this time was no longer drive, armed fighters F-15 and F-16 . Last day of 1980 reached 119th tajeset far last real shot down. Two Phantom 119th tajeset in a joint patrol with two F-15 133rd tajeset clashed over Lebanon with Syrian MiG-21 . The result of battle were shot down two MiGs , one had a half share of the pilot 119th tajeset Ran Granot, the operator Zvi Erlich.

In June 1982, the Phantom119. tajeset participated in security operations Ha'Galil Shalom in southern Lebanon. Such as 9 June entity Phantom took part in Operation Artzav whose objective was the systematic liquidation of the Syrian air defense batteries in the valley woodrush. Within a few hours to cancel three Syrian air defense brigade, destroyed 15 anti-aircraft missile batteries and the remaining four damaged.
Later Phantom in south Lebanon and carried out strikes against training camps and positions of Palestinian terrorists.

119. tajeset was the main tactical reconnaissance unit Ha'Aviru Chel , and since 1964, when it received the first two exploratory Mirage .
The first reconnaissance Phantom RF-4E unit ended in January 1971 and subsequent years, the 119th tajeset carried out many reconnaissance flights over the surrounding Arab countries.
In one of the reconnaissance flight was 9 November 1973 Egypt-to-air missile hit the RF-4E number 194th Its pilot, Captain Gideon Seffer, had a height of 15,000 meters at a speed of 1.7M and an ambient temperature of -60 ° C to eject and was captured. Navigator Captain Ofer Cidon, however, perished.
In late 1975 and 1976 received the 119th tajeset three reconnaissance RF-4E (S) , used for strategic reconnaissance. On one such mission to third January 1982, RF-4E (S) with a crew Gideon Seffer / Yuval Naveh, fought in Iraq with Iraqi Mige-21 , which crashed after fuel exhaustion.

Since 1989 he became the original F-4E 119th tajeset replaced by an upgraded variant Kurnass 2000th The exchange was completed in early 1992.

The nineties and the present
Already in the nineties, it was clear that over twenty years old Phantom and modernize outdated Kurnass 2000 their departure from the scene just delayed. In 2004, therefore, 119th tajeset was (as the second unit) converted to the latest attack the F-16I Sufa .
With the new aircraft to the 119th tajeset in June to August 2006 participated in the last two major events of the Israeli armed forces, Operation Summer Rain in Gaza Operation Just Reward in southern Lebanon. Detailed information about deploying units are not known. The only exception is information about the loss of the aircraft the F-16I No. 489, which at the start of combat flight burst tire. Both pilots bailed ejection. It was the only loss of jet aircraft in the campaign.

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Web site:

Captions for photographs:

The first picture is the 119th pilots tajeset in January 1968:
Rear left: Avi Ben-Nun, Yitzhak Golan, Uri YAR, Ran Ronen, Ilan Haiti, and Eitan Reuven Rozen Karma.
Front left: Asher Snir, Keinan Baruch, Shlomo Egozi, Arnon Lapidot (Levošin), Omri Afek and Nir Yitzhak.

The first picture is the 119th pilots tajeset in January 1970:
From left: Asher Snir, Itzhak Nir, Mickey Katz, Avraham Gilad, Amos Sachar, Salmon, Avraham, Amos Amir and Reuven Rozen.

Znak 119. tajeset

piloti 119 leden 1970.JPG

Piloti 119. tajeset na fotografii z ledna 1970:

piloti 119 leden 1968.JPG

Piloti 119. tajeset na snímku z ledna 1968:

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Annex 1:

Masters of 119. tajeset:
-Jehoaš Cidon (1956-?)
- ??
- ??
-Ran Ronen (?-1968)
-Amos Amir (1968 to 5.10.1973)
-Eliezer Prigat (5.10.1973 to?)
- ??
-Gideon Šeffer (3.1.1982 to?)
- ??
- ??

-Tel Nov (1956 - present)

Used technology:

Meteor NF 13
9/1956 to 1963
Identification numbers: 50, 51, 52, 55, 57, 59
The machine for at least 57 the number changed to 157.

Vautour IIN
Identification number: 61, 62, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69

Mirage IIICJ (Shahak)
3/10/1964 to 1970
Known identification numbers: 03: 13, 19, 20, 22, 25, 29, 32, 41, 43, 55, 56, 58, 66, 68, 78, 79, 80, 83, 84, 85, 89
Note: the identification numbers of the M. (III) several times, therefore, it is mentioned only the last two digits, which always remained the same.

Mirage IIIBJ (Shahak)
3/10/1964 to 1970
Known identification numbers: 87, 89
Note: the identification numbers of the M. (III) several times, therefore, it is mentioned only the last two digits, which always remained the same

Mirage IIIBJ (R) (Shahak)
Known identification numbers: 98, 99
Note: the identification numbers of the M. (III) several times, therefore, it is mentioned only the last two digits, which always remained the same

F-4E Phantom II (Kurnass)
Known identification numbers: 101, 106, 108, 111, 114, 119, 124, 125, 127, 132, 141, 142, 144, 147, 154, 159, 162, 163, 165, 167, 183, 187, 193, 250, 330, 645

RF-4E Phantom II (Oref)
10/1970 to 2004
Known identification numbers: 194, 198, 480, 488

RF-4E (S) of the Peace Jack (Šablul)
Identification number: 492, 498, 499

F-4E Kurnass 2000
Known identification numbers: 519, 603, 611, 612, 620, 630, 634, 641, 649, 650, 651, 653, 657, 662, 667, 678, 681, 684, 686, 703, 708, 712, 715, 716, 719

The F-16I Sufa
Known identification numbers: 119, 411, 425, 437, 445, 447, 489

The pilots, 119. tajeset for the six-day war:
, Omri Afek (15 missions)
Agassi, Yaakov (EP-14 missions)
Egozi, Shlomo (18 missions)
Hait, Ilan (18 missions)
Jeari, Uri (19 missions)
Ješurun, Moti (the first Deputy Commander; 17 missions)
Karmi, Eitan (the second Deputy Commander; 17 missions)
Keinan, Baruch (EP-7 missions)
Lapidot (Levošin), Arnon (16 missions)
Neuner, Itamar (EP-18 missions)
Prigat, Eliezer (EP-17 missions)
Rom, Giora (EP-12 missions)
Ronen, Ran (master units; 19 missions)
Spit, Reuven (16 missions)
Sagi, Oded (EP-7 missions)
Salmon, Avraham (17 missions)
Snir, Asher (18 missions)
Shapira, Danny (assigned to the 101. tajeset)
Šeffer, Shmuel (EP-9 missions)
Shelah, Ehud (17 missions)
Šmul, Menachem (13 missions)
Hess, Zvika (assigned to the 109. tajeset)

EP = Emergency Posting = pilots from the various components of the combat air force (most often air instructors), who at regular intervals and in a State of war serving with the assigned combat units.

Known pilots of 119. tajeset in the years 1969 and 1970:
Amir, Amos (master unit)
Averbuch, Ilan
Bar, Amos
Avihu Ben-Nun,
Ejal, Menachem
Geva, Yoram
Gilad, Avraham
Hariš, Dror
Karmi, Eitan
Katz, Mickey
Avraham Lanir
Lapidot (Levošin), Arnon
Menachem, Eliyahu
Nir Yitzhak
Nojner, Itamar
Prigat, Eliezer
Rom, Giora
Ronen, Ran
Spit, Reuven
Salmon, Avraham (first Deputy Commander)
Snir, Asher (the second Deputy Commander)
Shahar, Amos
Šmul, Menachem
Vered, Cvika

Known pilots of 119. tajeset for the Yom Kippur war:
Omri Afek,
Ben-Rom, Samuel
Drori, David
Guri, Daniel
Kanor, Zvi
Koren, Rafael
Lapidot (Levošin), Arnon
Livne, Benjamin
Melnik, Moshe
Merkavi, Nahum
Prigat, Eliezer (master unit)
Ramot, Aran
Sagi, Oded
Snir, Asher (Deputy Commander of the unit)
Šapir, Dov
Šeffer, Gideon

Known operators of weapons systems 119. tajeset for the Yom Kippur war:
Bankir, David
Barkan, Chaim
Bartov, Moshe
Benjamini, Zvi
Cidon, Ofer
Elazar, Lior
Fein, Ilan
Goldstein, Shimon
Ilani, Mordechai
Jaakobi, Bais
Katz, Aharon
Katz, Chaim
Lior, Eliezer
Peri, Nathan
Raanan, Sofer
Tal Zvi
Zeevi, Zeev

Formace Mirage III 119. tajeset s typickým červeným klínem na směrovce.

119Vautour IIN.jpeg

Vautour II N

Meteor NF13.jpg

Gloster Meteor NF.13

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Annex 2:

Known aerial victory, achieved the pilots of the 119. tajeset:
date - custom machine - crew - the adversary

29.10.1956 - a Meteor NF 13 No 52-Jehoaš Cidon/Elijašiv Broš-Egyptian Il-14
13.11.1966-Mirage IIICJ No 84-Ran Ronen - Jordanian Hunter
07.04.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Ran Ronen - Syrian MiG-21

05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ no 03-Eitan Karmi--Egyptian MiG-21
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ no 03-Eitan Karmi--Egyptian MiG-21
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 66-Giora Rom-Egyptian MiG-21
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 66-Giora Rom-Egyptian MiG-21
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 20-Arnon Levošin - an Egyptian MiG-19
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Ran Ronen - an Egyptian MiG-19
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Ran Ronen - an Egyptian MiG-19
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -credited drive-an Egyptian MiG-19
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 44-Oded Sagi-Jordanian Hunter
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 43-Giora Rom - Syrian MiG-21
05.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 32-Asher Snir-Syrian MiG-21
06.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ no 03-Oded Sagi--Egyptian Su-7
06.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 20-Omri Afek - an Egyptian MiG-19
06.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 66-Oded Sagi-an Egyptian MiG-19
06.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ no 03-Uri Jeari--Egyptian MiG-21
07.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 41-Giora Rom - an Egyptian MiG-17
07.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 41-Giora Rom - an Egyptian MiG-17
08.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 68-Avraham Salmon--Egyptian MiG-19
08.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 68-Avraham Salmon--Egyptian MiG-19
08.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Menachem Šmul-Egyptian MiG-19
08.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Menachem Šmul-Egyptian Il-28
08.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Menachem Šmul-Egyptian MiG-19
08.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 58-Reuven Spit - an Egyptian MiG-17
09.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Asher Snir-an Egyptian MiG-17
09.06.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Asher Snir-an Egyptian MiG-17

08.07.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 41-Avihu Ben-Nun — Egyptian MiG-21
15.07.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Asher Snir-an Egyptian MiG-17
15.07.1967-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Asher Snir-an Egyptian MiG-17
15.07.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 68-Eliezer Prigat-Egyptian MiG-21
15.07.1967-Mirage IIICJ no 83-Ran Ronen - Egyptian MiG-21
10.10.1967-Mirage IIICJ No 32-Avihu Ben-Nun — Egyptian MiG-21
14.04.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 68-Reuven Spit--Egyptian MiG-21
21.05.1969-Mirage IIICJ no 03-Ran Ronen - Egyptian MiG-21
21.05.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 58-Reuven Spit--Egyptian MiG-21
21.05.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 68-Asher Snir-Egyptian MiG-21
24.06.1969 - Mirage IIICJ No 19-Amos Amir--Egyptian MiG-21
26.06.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 6? -Asher Snir-Egyptian MiG-21
02.07.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 68-Amos Amir--Egyptian MiG-21
02.07.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 58-Eitan Karmi--Egyptian MiG-21
02.07.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 58-Eitan Karmi--Egyptian MiG-21
11.09.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 32-Dror Hariš-Egyptian MiG-21
11.09.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 6? -Asher Snir-Egyptian MiG-21
11.12.1969-Mirage IIICJ no 83-Yitzhak Nir - Syrian MiG-17
11.12.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 58-Menachem Šmul-Syrian MiG-17
08.02.1970-Mirage IIICJ no 80-Avraham Salmon--Egyptian MiG-21
26.02.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 58-Amos Amir--Egyptian MiG-21
26.02.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 32-Avraham Gilad - Egyptian MiG-21
26.02.1970-Mirage IIICJ no 83-Avraham Salmon--Egyptian MiG-21
27.03.1970-Mirage IIICJ no 83-Arnon Levošin-Egyptian MiG-21
27.03.1970-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Asher Snir-Egyptian MiG-21
27.03.1970-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Asher Snir-Egyptian MiG-21
02.04.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 58-Amos Amir--Egyptian MiG-21
02.04.1970-Mirage IIICJ no 83-Avraham Gilad - Syrian MiG-21
02.04.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 68-Avraham Salmon - Syrian MiG-21
25.04.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 58-Amos Amir--Egyptian Il-28
28.04.1970-Mirage IIICJ no 83-Dror Hariš-Egyptian Su-7
28.04.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 79-Yitzhak Nir--Egyptian Su-7
12.05.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 19-Asher Snir-Syrian MiG-17
14.05.1970-Mirage IIICJ no 83-Amos Amir--Egyptian MiG-21
14.05.1970-Mirage IIICJ no 80-Reuven Spit--Egyptian MiG-21
16.05.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 85-Omri Afek - Egyptian MiG-21
16.05.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 68-Avraham Salmon--Egyptian MiG-21
03.06.1970-Mirage IIICJ # 4? -Dror Hariš-Egyptian MiG-21
03.06.1970-Mirage IIICJ # 4? -Dror Hariš-Egyptian MiG-21
03.06.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 19-Ran Ronen - Egyptian MiG-21
27.06.1970-Mirage IIICJ No.? -Menachem Eliyahu--Egyptian Mi-4
30.07.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 78-Avraham Salmon - the Soviet MiG-27 m
30.07.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 78-Avraham Salmon-1/2 of the Soviet MiG-27 m
30.07.1970-Mirage IIICJ No 6? -Asher Snir-Soviet MiG-27 m
21.11.1972-F-4E No.? - Samuel Ben CD-ROM/Aharon Katz - Syrian MiG-21
08.01.1973-F-4E No.? - Samuel Ben CD-ROM/Mordechai Ilani-Syrian MiG-21
08.01.1973-F-4E No 147-David Drori/Nathan Peri-Syrian MiG-21
08.01.1973-F-4E No 147-David Drori/Nathan Peri-Syrian MiG-21
08.01.1973-F-4E No.? -Zvi Kanor/Zvi Tal-Syrian MiG-21
13.09.1973 - F-4E No 144-Omri Afek/Chaim Katz - Syrian MiG-21
13.09.1973 - F-4E No.? - Rafael Koren/B - Syrian MiG-21
13.09.1973 - F-4E no 125 - Moshe Melnik/Chaim Barkan-Syrian MiG-21

06.10.1973-F-4E no 141 - Moshe Melnik/Zvi Tal-Egyptian AS-5
06.10.1973-F-4E no 141 - Moshe Melnik/Zvi Tal-Egyptian Su-7
07.10.1973-F-4E No.? — Arnon Lapidot/Chaim Katz--Egyptian MiG-21
07.10.1973-F-4E No.? - Rafael Koren/Moshe Bartov-Egyptian MiG-21
09.10.1973-F-4E No 142-Omri Afek/Zeev Zeevi - Syrian MiG-21
10.10.1973-F-4E No.? -Moshe Melnik/Oded Sagi-Syrian MiG-21
13.10.1973-F-4E No.? - ?? / ?? - the Syrian MiG-21
14.10.1973-F-4E No.? - Rafael Koren/Rahamin Sofer-Egyptian MiG-21
15.10.1973-F-4E no 119-Asher Snir/Aharon Katz--Egyptian MiG-21
17.10.1973-F-4E No 147 - Moshe Melnik/Lior Elazar-Syrian MiG-21
17.10.1973-F-4E No 147 - Moshe Melnik/Lior Elazar-1/2 of the Syrian MiG-21
17.10.1973-F-4E No 165-Snir/Chaim Asher Katz - 1/2 of the Syrian MiG-21
21.10.1973-F-4E 14? - Nahum Merkavi/Mordechai Ilani-Syrian MiG-21
21.10.1973-F-4E No 163 - Daniel Guri/Zvi Benjamini-Syrian MiG-21
23.10.1973 - F-4E No 162-Moshe Melnik/Chaim Katz--Egyptian MiG-21
23.10.1973 - F-4E No 165-Gideon Šeffer/David Bankir--Egyptian MiG-21

06.12.1973-F-4E No.? — Oded Sagi/Chaim Katz-a North Korean MiG-21
1980 - the F-4E No.? - Ran Granot/Zvi Erlich - 1/2 of the Syrian MiG-21
03.01.1982-RF-4E (S) 498-Gideon Šeffer/Yuval Naveh-Iraqi MiG-21

Known loss of 119. tajeset:
date - custom machine - the cause of the loss--the crew. its fate

21.03.1958 - a Meteor NF 13 No 59-fuel-Mati Kaspit/Achia Ašiloni OK
11.01.1961-Vautour IIN no 64-fault management-Shlomo Amiran/Misha Ramati OK
08.11.1961 - a Meteor NF 13 No 55-crash landing-Ben-Zion Zohar/Misha Ramati OK
24.08.1966-Mirage IIICJ No 22-in the country — the BAIS Berman died
11.09.1969-Mirage IIICJ No 18-shot down an Egyptian MiG-21PFM-Giora Rom captured
23.06.1973-F-4E no 128-collision in the air - Aharon Arnon died, Simon Goldstein OK
23.06.1973-F-4E No 154-collision in the air - Aran Ramot/Nathan Peri OK
09.10.1973-F-4E No.? - shot down Syrian AIR DEFENCE - Dov Šapir died, the BAIS Jaakobi captured
15.10.1973-F-4E No.? - shot down the AIR - Benjamin Livne captured Rahamin Sofer died
20.10.1973, F-4E No 142 - shot down a Syrian MiG-21MF-Oded Sagi/Moshe Bartov
09.11.1973-RF-4E no 194-shot down the AIR-Gideon Šeffer captured, Ofer Cidon died
13.03.1975-F-4E No.? -lit their own světlicí - Rafael Koren/Illan Fein died
24.07.1982-F-4E no 183 - shot down Syrian AIR DEFENCE-Gol Fogel captured, Aharon Katz died
19.07.2006-F-16I no 489 - when starting a tire-burst transfer OK

Současná výzbroj 119. tajeset - F-16I Sufa.


Vpředu průzkumný RF-4E, vzadu strategický průzkumný RF-4E(S).


Stíhací bombardér F-4E Phantom.

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On the basis of new information is redrafted paragraph about the six-day war, and the list of pilots for the six-day war.

To ALONI, s., The June 1967 Six-Day War, VolumeA: Operation Focus. Bat Hefer-: IsraDecal Publications, 2008, ISBN 965-7220-09-2
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