Avia S-199

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Avia S-199

    Avia S-199 Avia S-199
    Originální název:
    Original Name:
    Avia S-199
    stíhací letoun fighter aeroplane
    DD.MM.1947-DD.MM.1951 Automobilové závody, n.p., závod 2 Avia, Čakovice /
    Období výroby:
    Production Period:
    Vyrobeno kusů:
    Number of Produced:
    První vzlet:
    Maiden Flight:
    Základní charakteristika:
    Basic Characteristics:
    Vzlet a přistání:
    Take-off and Landing:
    CTOL - konvenční vzlet a přistání CTOL - conventional take-off and landing
    Uspořádání křídla:
    Arrangement of Wing:
    jednoplošník monoplane
    Uspořádání letounu:
    Aircraft Concept:
    klasické conventional
    zatahovací retractable
    Přistávací zařízení:
    Landing Gear:
    kola wheels
    Technické údaje:
    Technical Data:
    Hmotnost prázdného letounu:
    Empty Weight:
    2600 kg 5732 lb
    Vzletová hmotnost:
    Take-off Weight:
    3500 kg 7716 lb
    Maximální vzletová hmotnost:
    Maximum Take-off Weight:
    ? kg ? lb
    9,92 m 32ft 6,55in
    9,10 m 29ft 10,26in
    2,59 m 8ft 5,96in
    Plocha křídla:
    Wing Area:
    16,20 m2 174.38 ft2
    Plošné zatížení:
    Wing Loading:
    171 kg/m2 35.02 lb/ft2
    pístový piston
    Počet motorů:
    Number of Engines:
    M-211 (Jumo 211 F)
    - invertní vidlicový
    - počet válců: 12
    - maximální výkon: 993 kW (1350 PS)
    M-211 (Jumo 211 F)
    - inverted V-design
    - number of cylinders: 12
    - maximum power output: 1332 hp
    Objem palivových nádrží:
    Fuel Tank Capacity:
    ? ?
    Maximální rychlost:
    Maximum Speed:
    590 km/h v ? m 367 mph in ? ft
    Cestovní rychlost:
    Cruise Speed:
    400 km/h v ? m 249 mph in ? ft
    Rychlost stoupání:
    Climb Rate:
    11 m/s 2165.4 ft/min
    Čas výstupu na výšku:
    Time to Climb to:
    ? min do ? m ? min to ? ft
    Operační dostup:
    Service Ceiling:
    9500 m 31168 ft
    850 km 528 mi
    Maximální dolet:
    Maximum Range:
    ? km ? mi
    2x 13mm kulomet MG 131 v přídi, každý ? nábojů
    2x 20mm kanón MG 151/20 pod křídlem, ? nábojů
    2x 13mm MG 131 machine gun in the nose, ? rounds each
    2x 20mm MG 151/20 cannon under the wing, ? rounds
    Uživatelské státy:
    User States:

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    Avia S-199 and CS-199

    The czechoslovak air force after the war in the arsenal - in addition to the prize of the German techniques - a mixture of soviet and british types. With the growing influence of the USSR is increasingly focused on the types of the soviet. But the soviet machine was typical war structures - the wooden machines, built with regard to the short life of a combat machine. Peace service this consumer access could need. In fighter command it was necessary to replace outgoing Lavočky La-7 by designs. The british Spitfires have already been politically difficult to clear, therefore it was considered that the involvement of the domestic aviation industry.

    Air races in Protektorátě were included in the armament production the German Third reich. After the end of the second world war remained in our territory a large number of dragons German fighter aircraft the Messerschmitt Bf 109 versions of G and K, as well as the supply of engines Daimler-Benz DB 605. It was therefore decided to these machines being assembled and use them for the newly built czechoslovak military air force. Because the main supplier of the reconstructed "stodevítek" was factory Avia, were thus incurred by the machines included in the čs. the air force as Avia S-99.

    The main stock prize techniques, where there was also virtually the entire supply of the DB, was the object of the former sugar refinery in Krásné Březno, today one of the districts of Ústí n. L. When this object is destroyed, ( the reason the fire was not still accurately determined, the range of views extends from unfortunate coincidences to sabotage the German bomb squad who are here as prisoners of war worked ) the problem arose, where to take for Stodevítky new engine. Eventually it was decided to adapt the dragon Bf 109 for the engine Jumo 211 (čs. the designation M-211) including a propeller, used for bombers Heinkel He 111. Their stocks were sufficient. Work on the adjustment were in the Avia launched in the fall of 1946. The first modified Stodevítka with the new designation of S-199 flew 25. April 1947 and from February 1948 started the military administration to take over production aircraft from Avia and Aero, which was in production for her urchlení involved also.

    Aircraft not just the best properties, acting especially at the start of a very willfully, because she nickname Mule. To blame were both already in the original not very solid chassis with very little breakup, both the new motor unit, more massive than the original. The engine with propeller were left unchanged. The fact that fw had the opposite sense of rotation than the engine DB was just one of the many problems of reconstruction. Very the material of the propeller with broad leaves should have considerable inertia and large torque, which led to the fact that the machine had at the start tend to "run away" from the direction. According to contemporaries it was no rarity that a freshman started off in the direction of up to about 90° different from the direction in which started. I therefore created the need for two-digit practice tools. And because such a version existed (Bf 109 G-12) and "two" hulls were available, using them, as well as the reconstruction of several hulls single aircraft, originated a two-seat training version, known CS-199.

    Wide props they brought - in addition to the w - one more problem: sync fuselage guns. It was very challenging to the exact work of the armorers "hit" the speed of the propeller, whose broad leaves kept significantly smaller barrel fields than the blades of the original. From the fighting in Israel is submitted for several cases, when the pilot shot off his own propeller.

    In the years 1947-1951 was built 450 pieces single -199 and 82 of double-digit CS-199. Avia S-199 have become the standard fighter planes of the czechoslovak. the air force up to the first half of the fifties. The last of them come to an end in 1957. About thirty of the machines used for Security of the air force. In 1948 there were 24 pieces of S-199 exported to Israel, where they were serving with combat on behalf of the Sachin (knife), 101. squadron.

    Designation of the aircraft was according to the then code, then S = fighter, EN = training fighter, B = bomber.

    VLM Kbely own 2 specimens machines, single-seat fighter With a-199 and a double practice CS-199. This is probably one, if not the only surviving complete machine of this type in the world..
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    Tato Avia S-199 sloužila počátkem 50. let u 3. stíhacího pluku na letišti v Brně-Tuřanech. Stroj nese typické zbarvení strojů tohoto typu - na všech plochách je nastříkán světlou zřejmě šedozelenou barvou. O odstínu se dodnes vedou spory, zdá se pravděpodobné, že se spotřebovávaly barvy po Luftwaffe a nejčastěji se proto udává RLM 02, popř. její směs s nějakou tmavší zelenou, dále světlá zelená RLM 83, popř. žlutozelená RLM 99.
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    Zo života na vojenských letiskách začiatkom päťdesiatych rokov ...

    Výstroj stíhacieho pilota ...

    Zahrievanie motorov S-199 ...

    Tesne pred štartom ...

    Pred štartom...

    Leteckí mechanici v práci...
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    S-199 v rukách leteckých mechanikov začiatkom 50. rokov.

    Zdroj : Československá armáda 1952 č.11

    Doplňovanie paliva.

    Leteckí mechanici pri výmene motoru.
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    Avia S-199 (D-120) of the armaments 101. squadron are preparing to further combat take-off during 1. the arab-israeli war. Aircraft your the last war years he graduated from the probably 22. December 1948, when David Cohen was accompanied by the plane AT-6 Texan to bombardovacímu raid on Khan Junes..

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    Avia S-199 (D-112 / D-120, serial number 782358), the Museum of the israeli air force, Air base Chatzor. The aircraft is the only preserved specimen of this type in Israel. This Avie originally wore the marking machine, the D-112. Finally it was reconstructed into the form of the aeroplane D-120 from the assembly 101. squadron, with whom he had Modi Allon in the early evening of the 3. June 1948 to shoot down two C-47 of the arms 3. squadron of the royal egyptian air force (the israeli fighter, however, has achieved these victories with the most likely on the aircraft (D-107)..

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    Avia S-199 (UF-25, serial number 178), Military aviation museum, Prague-Kbely, October 2011. This is a reconstruction created from several remnants of the aircraft S-199 (production number 178 carries the hull). A substantial part of the airframe were recovered from a scrap metal yard in Olomouc in 1969. The overhaul of the issued aircraft have completed Air repair Trenčín in April 1985. The aircraft is now in the coloring of the machine, which in the fifties had served in the the Aviation school in Prostějov..

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    Avia S-199 (UF-25, výrobní číslo 178), Vojenské letecké muzeum, Praha-Kbely, 2009.

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    Avia S-199 (UF-25, výrobní číslo 178), Vojenské letecké muzeum, Praha-Kbely. Detaily motorového prostoru.

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